Donald Trump & Kids Hit Vancouver

Donald Trump and three of his children – Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka – were photographed in Vancouver, B.C. on Wednesday (June 19). The group announced a new $360 million Trump International Hotel & Tower project in the Canadian city.

Why the northern west coast city? “It’s a great market, it’s a great city,” Donald told Vancouver Sun. “It’s a city that’s not going anywhere but up, in my opinion, and I think it’s got just a great potential. The economy hasn’t been fantastic, but I believe it’s going to get better. I like the site and I like the city, and I think Vancouver has just an unlimited future.”

Ivanka – who is expecting her second child with husband Jared Kushner, – told CTV News she expects to be back in Vancouver “many, many times” as construction of the Trump Tower gets underway.

Despite Vancouver’s reputation as a city of yoga pants-wearing, casual residents, Ivanka said the luxurious lifestyle of the Trump brand is the perfect fit.

“People in Vancouver appreciate beauty, whether it be natural beauty … or architectural beauty,” Ivanka said. “Now there are buildings that are appropriate for New York, and there are buildings appropriate for Las Vegas. We think we have conceived and designed a building that’s very appropriate for here in Vancouver.”

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  1. Heather

    Gorgeous family! He raised very hard working kids.

  2. Anonymous

    The last thing Vancouver needs is more multi-million dollar condos. Someone just spent $25 million on a condo here last week. This city is becoming a playground for billionaires only.

  3. Lolly

    He only goes where the money is. His kids only turned out decent because of their mother. He was barely around.

  4. anonymous

    I know. You need a lot of money to live in Vancouver. I don’t know how ordinary people can afford to live there. I guess they don’t.

  5. amanda

    The blonde son has to be at least 6’5, Ivanka is wearing heals and he is still taller than her. Donald has very tall children.

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