Jill Zarin On How Technology Affected Her Parenting Skills & Relationships

America loved watching Jill Zarin throw sophisticated parties and work at her hubby’s fabric shop for four seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City. The mom-of-one, to daughter Ally Shapiro, 20, may not be on a feisty Bravo reunion again, but the zesty and talkative redhead is still making a name for herself.

Jill definitely seems to have figured out how to balance her family, career, and social life. She chatted with Cupid’s Pulse about her priorities in life, how technology affected her parenting skills, and her commitment to be present as much as possible.

On making her marriage a priority: “The priorities in my life are constantly moving around. I know when Bobby doesn’t like being in the back row, so I move him quickly to the front row.”

On how technology affected her parenting skills: “I don’t think that I was present a lot of the time for my daughter. I was home, but I wasn’t present.”

On how electronics affect relationships and dating: “Nowadays, relationships are so complicated by electronics. It’s difficult to sit down for dinner because you’re dying to see that text or e-mail that you’ve been waiting for…There are a lot of things that can make dating challenging, and our phones and computers are two of them.”

On her commitment to always be mindful of the present moment: “If I’m at home, I shut everything off. My feet are there, and that’s where my mind needs to be too.”

To read more of Jill’s interview, please go to Cupid’s Pulse.

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  • pop-pop

    what a dreadful photo shopped image

    • Anonymous

      I agree. That is an AWFUL photo. Why are they trying to make her look 14?

  • Samantha Giancarlo

    Who is jill zarin and why would anyone care about a 50 something year old yenta?

  • curtis546345

    Actually there are more people are neglected it but it have more true information that technology is also need to buildup our skill. So i think those people are so more expert in technology they are more better in their career.

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