Jennifer Meyer & Otis: Park Pair

Jennifer Meyer and her son Otis enjoyed the sunshine at a park in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday (June 20). Otis, 4, played with a mermaid doll and was seen wearing a shirt reading ‘respect your mother’.

At one point he decided to get rid of his clothes leaving mom to carry him off in the nude.

The jewelry designer – who also raises 6-year-old Ruby with husband Tobey Maguire – told Elle earlier this year that she loves to smell her children.

“I know this might sounds crazy, but I love to smell [my children] Otis and Ruby’s breath—when they sleep with their mouths open, nothing smells better to me.”

She also shared her epitome of happiness.

She said, “Being with my children, my family, and friends. I’m just as content sitting on the floor playing Barbies with my kids as I am having a glass of wine with my girlfriends. I have to say, I feel very grateful because so many things make me happy. Oh, and put some good food in front of me, and I’m always happy then!”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Jessica

    Uhm.. who goes to the park in underwear? That’s inappropriate.

  • Tiffany

    I don’t mean this in a judgmental way (yes I gave a disclaimer)…but they seem like the kind of parents who would say that they let their children pick what feels good for them and they will allow them to explore any and all possibilities about clothing, hair, toys etc…..To each his own, I guess

  • tiki

    it’s a whole different world in california. this boy is four, not one or two. the four-year-olds I know aren’t brought to public venues in their underwear, nor are they allowed to strip naked in public. he’s pre-school age, people. i’m very glad I live where i live. 🙂

  • A

    I love the t-shirt!

    • Emily

      I just saw that at Crazy 8. It is cute.

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Why would you want to bring your child to the park in their underwear? How stupid is that? Then to take off his underwear and carry him around naked? What a moron!

  • SMH

    First and foremost there should be NO picture of a child with a bare bottom splashed over the internet and shame on any site including CBS for posting the one of his bare bottom even if it’s partly covered by his mother’s arm!!!
    Secondly, he is way too old to be running around naked in a public place. This is a sick world we live in and the last thing I’d want is for my son’s pictures to be taken by complete strangers!!

  • YeahYeah

    I understand that everyone has different opinions about milestones and such but it seems that the age of 4 is a little bit old to be running around in public in your underwear. It definitely seems too old to let your child in a public area with no clothes on at all.
    I’m not a parent so I don’t have first-hand experience but I feel like after around age 3 its just inappropriate to have a child outside naked. Not necessarily even just out of respect for others. When I hear about all the crazies out there who get their jollies looking at little children, its scary.

  • Anonymous

    What makes any of you hsgs think that this is the way she brought him to the park? At some point, he clearly took off his clothes. For all you know, these pictures were shot when she realized he had taken his pants off and she leading him back to put them on.

    I seriously doubt that none of your kids NEVER did anything stupid, silly or inappropriate…. It’s just that no one was following you around taking photos and posting them online without your permission so the hags of the world could berate you for it.

    Stop being so f***ing judgemental when you have idea what happened here.

    • tiki

      point taken that we don’t have the context for these pictures. I stand corrected. however, the judgmental attitude and name-calling exhibited by those who accuse others of being judgmental because they hold a different opinion never ceases to amuse me. for the record, i respect your opinion even though it differs from mine. peace. 🙂

    • Lioness

      Thank youuuuuu, Anonymous, for injecting some common sense into this post. I’m reading all these comments thinking, “What in the hell is wrong with these people? Why do they think she brought him there without pants?” I mean, he doesn’t have shoes on, either- it seems pretty obvious to me that he started to take his clothes off, or maybe he played in the water, and she stripped him… maybe he accidentally sat in some messy dog poop, and off came the clothes. Who knows!? A picture is one snapshot of time- who knows what occurred before or after these were taken. To jump to the conclusion that she brought him to the park without pants and shoes makes me think most of you don’t understand the concept of photography.

      I think he’s fine- if I saw him at the park naked, I wouldn’t look twice. I really wouldn’t. He’s still pretty small.

      And Anonymous, asking the commenters on a celeb baby blog site not to be judgmental is like asking the sky not to appear blue: it ain’t gonna happen. The reason many people come to these sites is for that very reason- to judge. The term “Santimommy” didn’t arise from nowhere.

  • Kinky

    none of you are parents and that is clear. my mother talks now about how my god brother used to be rid himself of his clothes piece by piece so that by the time he was was at the front door he was nude and by the time my god parents found out he was halfway up the street. its hot, and he probably didnt feel like having them on. you must remember he is only 4 and the idea of modesty has not been learned yet. so please stop the judgmental comments it does seem very ridiculous.

    • YeahYeah

      I love how you made your point without being rude and calling others names.

      • PaminPA

        Sometimes, people deserve the names they are called. No foul in calling a hag a hag.

    • Anonymous9

      Yes, kids do that. It’s why they have parents who should know better.

  • Someone

    There are a lot of parks here in Southern California that have a water play area within the park since it’s usually beautiful weather nearly year round. For all we know, he was splashing in the water and got his shorts wet or something. Man, you guys are uptight!

    • Straight

      It is amazing to me how seemingly intelligent people refuse to call a spade a spade. Let’s say what you say is the case and he got his shorts wet. The question is if this is a place they have visited before why not make sure to carry additional clothing and immediately put those clothes on him particulary when she knows every time she walks out the damn door some pap photography will follow her. There is no excuse for this. None.

      • Anonymous

        How do you know she didn’t IMMEDIATELY bring him back to where they were sitting and re-dress him? You don’t, you just see one photo and think you know the whole story, so you’ll judge and complain. The epitome of a hag.

        • Straight

          Clearly you don’t get this AT ALL. The fact that a photographer got a picture of him NUDE obviously shows that she did not get clothes on him so that he was NOT photographed in the nude. So reserve the name “hag” for yourself.

          • inTouch

            That’s ridiculous. It takes 2 seconds to take a photo. Just grabbing a 4-year old and walking 3 steps takes longer than that.

            Please don’t procreate. You’d probably keep your kids locked up in a dungeon, or criticize them so badly for every tiny thing that they’d kill themselves.

  • nona

    There are plenty of cultures that are not as ashamed about their bodies as “we” are in America, and nudity is more accepted. We’ve been conditioned a certain way. It’s probably worse to take/post pics of other people’s kids, than for those kids to feel comfortable, without clothes, on a hot day.

  • Kristine

    Let’s stop trying to be politically correct….the mom had a child with a famous actor….she should have covered him up immediately from being photographed naked…case closed.

  • SMH

    Well it’s true he could of taken off his clothes and she’s trying to put them back on. However nobody should be photographing it. So the paparazzi and any site who post them should be ashamed. Nobody has a right to take a pic of my child fully clothed let alone with no clothes on!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, EVERYONE has a right to take a photo of your child the minute you step out in public.

      • inTouch

        Sad, but true.

  • estelle

    glad that he enjoyed his day. He’s not worried, mom’s not worried. It’s the rest that should be concerned about their comments.

    • Anonymous

      He’s not worried now; he’s four. What’s he going to think when he’s fourteen and his school mates are googling the famous kid and pictures of him naked show up? The internet is forever and most parents would prefer that naked pictures of their children not be spread across it.

  • Ellen

    My eldest was a strip artist up to about the age of 3. She could remove a complete winter wardrobe in a matter of minutes. I have a feeling that possibly this child did a quick strip before mom got to him. But we don’t have the information on this incident to be able to blame mom’s parenting.

  • Lulu

    Nowhere does this article say that she took him to the park in his underwear or that she removed his underwear. Really a little premature to be getting all nasty at the mother without more info.

  • Anonymous

    SHE may not have removed his underwear but SHE didn’t put it back on either.

    • InTouch

      You’re right, we should take the child away from this awful parent!!!!!!!!


  • cb

    i have never seen either of their children dressed in a cute outfit. but this takes outfits to a whole new level.
    if your 4 yr old will not get dressed (and stay dressed) appropriately, lets leave his little hiney at home !!!
    you do NOT take your kids in public in the underwear or carry them to the car naked.
    if he took off his clothes, you pop that bottom and put them back on him.
    ridiculous !

    • Anonymous

      So you slap your kids for taking off their clothes… but you sit up on your high horse and judge other people’s parenting. Wow. Just wow.

  • Straight

    inTouch |
    That’s ridiculous. It takes 2 seconds to take a photo. Just grabbing a 4-year old and walking 3 steps takes longer than that.
    Please don’t procreate. You’d probably keep your kids locked up in a dungeon, or criticize them so badly for every tiny thing that they’d kill themselves.

    Right it takes two seconds to take a photo and that is my whole point! The photog got a photo of the boy NUDE! She is photographed constantly out-and-about and she often looks directly at the camera. So it isn’t like she doesn’t know she is being photographed. This park, going by one of the photos, looks to have a wading pool. Yet and still she did not even haves as much as a large towel to put around him to protect from the prying eyes of paparazzi.

    Apparently this is difficult for you to comprehend. Resorting to hyperbole and insults is the only defense you have to justify the fact–and this is what all of you “hag” name callers fail to get–that Meyer failed to PROTECT this boy from the cameras. Plain and simple. It is a question of preparation and making choices that PROTECT him because she is constantly followed by photogs. She was CARELESS. Too bad if the truth hurts.

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