John Travolta & Ella: Premiere Pals

Date with dad!

Pulp Fiction star John Travolta was photographed with his daughter Ella at the premiere for his new movie, Killing Season, in New York City on Thursday (June 20). Dressed in all black, the 13-year-old looked cute and calm next to her famous dad.

The Grease star and his wife, fellow actor Kelly Preston, are also parents to 2-year-old son Benjamin. Their son Jett died in January 2009 after suffering a seizure and hitting his head in a bathtub at the family’s vacation home in the Bahamas.

After the untimely death of James Gandolfini, John has vowed to care for his family.

The Sopranos star — who is survived by his wife Deborah Lin and their 8-month-old daughter Liliana — suffered a fatal heart attack on Wednesday, and his friend has vowed to return an old favor.

James had helped his Get Shorty costar when Jett died at the age of 16. Now John says he will look after Gandolfini’s family, including son Michael, 13, from his first marriage.

Speaking on Good Morning America, John said: “My goal is to make sure his family is OK. His little boy, I watched him grow up, and his brand new little girl. We’ll just make sure they’re taken care of.”

The actors also starred together in Lonely Hearts and The Taking of Pelham 123 — but their friendship goes back for years.

“My father sold tires to his father,” he said. “I was his inspiration to get into the business.”

And when Jett died, James was right by his friend’s side.

“James went out of his way to come to Florida and he would not leave Florida until I was OK, or he felt that I would be fine,” John said. “After a week I said, ‘Jim, you can really go, you can, you know, we’ll be fine. I’ve got a lot of support here.’

He added: “But the idea that in our profession someone would go out of their way and not want to leave you until he felt you were OK, that’s the kind of soul that James Gandolfini was.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen Ella in a long time, she looks lovely. Her hair is beautiful.

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Pretty girl!

  • SMH

    She just turned 13. Wow she is tall. Looks like she is 18!! Always was beautiful girl!

  • musiclover

    Ella is just gorgeous with her dark hair and blue eyes….she looks so grown up!

  • Em

    Looks way older than 13.

  • Jen

    Wow she looks EXACTLY like her Dad!! Such a pretty girl. A very classy outfit, too.

  • Micaela

    She is very tall. Beautiful young lady.

  • Sandra

    Wow, the last time I saw a pic of Ella Blue was a while ago. She has gotten so big and so tall! I can’t believe she is only 13! She is growing like a weed and looks so much like her Dad it is uncanny! These young girls nowadays look so much older than they really are and I always end up saying “Is it something in the water they are drinking”? LOL! Such a pretty young lady.

  • Marie

    Ella is beautiful, she was a gorgeous baby and continues to be a beautiful young lady. John and Kelly seem to be doing a great job raising her considering everything she and her parents have been through. She defintely takes after her dad!!

  • Anabelle

    Wow, I can’t believe Ella is only thirteen! She looks closer to twenty. She’s such a beautiful girl, she always has been. x

  • Toya

    Look like John spit Ella out!! WOW

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t look like either of them has ever spit out anything.

  • Gemi

    Wow, so pretty! I agree, looks like a young adult, not a preteen.

  • SiervaMaria

    One of my students is 11 and she makes Ella look like a toddler in comparison. Son’t know what the H is in the water these days but it’s scary.

  • Heather

    She is beautiful. I agree she is the spitting image of her father, but there is something about her that is just like Kelly too. Something in her eyes, or maybe it’s her smile.

    • Sophia

      I agree, I think it’s the eyes. I was about to make a comment saying how similar John and Ella look, but now I think about I think she’s got her dad’s colouring but her mum’s features.

  • Annie

    Now we know how Kelly and John’s pre-surgical noses looked.

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