Brooke Burke-Charvet: “It’s Hardly Ever Boring In Our House”

Brooke Burke-Charvet is all about healthy living! The Dancing With The Stars co-host partnered up with Smartfood for their SMARTest Person contest, which celebrates what it means to live SMART: savvy, motivated, accomplished, responsible, and thoughtful.

Brooke opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about what inspired her to join forces with Smartfood.  The mom-of-four also shares her upcoming projects and how she avoids “Mommy I’m Bored” syndrome during the summer

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Smartfood to celebrate what it means to eat SMART. How did you get involved in the initiative? What is the ‘SMARTest Person in America’ contest all about? 

BBC: “The Smartfood brand redefines what SMART really means. They’ve done it in a really playful way by taking the letters that spell out ‘smart’ and encouraging people to be savvy, motivated, accomplished, responsible, and thoughtful. They recognized the Top 10 SMARTest Cities in the United states, and San Francisco won first place. They are also looking for one person to celebrate in the SMARTest Person Contest, where the winner will win $10,000 and a feature in SELF Magazine. You can nominate yourself or someone that you feel embodies all of the SMART qualities. To check out the contest, go to

I got involved in the initiative because I try to live my life with the SMART values. I also really believe in making smart choices and finding that balance between living and eating well. I like the brand and I like having ready-to-eat snacks on hand. Smartfood offers a whole list of great products my family uses, and I also really like the brand’s message. It’s not just about being smart and intelligent; it’s about giving back, being thoughtful, being environmentally conscious, and, of course, making great choices and incorporating fitness into your lifestyle. I believe in everything they are promoting.”

CBS: Is healthy eating a top priority in your household? How do you encourage your family to make healthy eating choices?

BBC: “Healthy eating is a top priority in my household. I try to teach my children that now while they are still young. I cook with them, shop with them, and encourage them to make healthy eating choices by spending time with them in the kitchen and leading by example. It is also very important to offer smart choices, because the kids will eat what is available to them in my house. It’s really about being conscious of all of those options.”

CBS: Do you have advice for parents who are trying to figure out how to get their kids to develop healthy eating habits? 

BBC: “I think the parents have to have healthy eating habits themselves. It’s one thing to buy healthy food and pack it in the kids’ lunchboxes, but I also think the parents have to have conversations with the children and introduce them to things that are flavorful. If you’re constantly just preaching ‘smart and conscious,’ I don’t think children will get it. You need to expose them to things they will enjoy and help them understand the difference in being healthy and being aware, as opposed to just eating junk.”

CBS: How do you avoid “Mommy I’m bored” syndrome during the summer?

BBC: “I always tell my children, ‘If you’re bored, you must be really boring.’ [laughs] I encourage my kids to do outdoor activities and learn how to entertain themselves. They are all surrounded by lots of siblings, so it’s hardly ever boring in our house. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. I try to keep the kids very busy with physical activities and I also teach them how to enjoy quiet time, whether that be by reading or by listening to music.”

CBS: What other upcoming projects do you have?

BBC: “I am starting to develop a fitness line, which I’m really excited about. It is an active wear lifestyle line. I am also still designing my intimate apparel line. This summer, I’m also looking forward to some downtime, as I am off-season right now from my TV responsibilities. I am always busy doing something, but right now it’s time to enjoy the summer.”

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i like the “if you’re bored, you must be really boring” response. I agree with that, and also have 4 kids:)