Jennifer Taylor: “It’s Always A Juggling Act Between Kids & Work”

Jennifer Taylor – best known as Charlie Sheen’s s fiancée in Two and A Half Men – has a new movie premiering on Friday, July 5 on LMN called The Perfect Boyfriend. The mom-of-two exclusively revealed to Celebrity Baby Scoop what it was like on set, her family life and her rockin’ fruit and vegetable garden.

CBS: Describe your character in The Perfect Boyfriend?

JT: I play Karen and I am plotting with my husband to steal a fortune from a woman played by Ashley Scott. He has to get involved with her in order to be convincing and that is when Karen starts to lose it. Her insecurity and love for him drives her to do some pretty bad things. It was really fun to play someone so emotionally unstable.

CBS: How long was filming? How did you juggle work and taking care of the children during the movie’s schedule?

JT: We shot this in December and it was a couple of weeks right before the holidays. It’s always a juggling act between kids and work. I just have to be hyper organized when I am working on a movie and my husband has to pick up my slack. But it always works out.

CBS: What was it like working with the other actors on set?

JT: Everyone was great! Ashley Scott and I had so much to talk about since we are both moms. Aiden Turner has the best corny jokes. And Susan Blakely has the energy of 10 women! I really enjoyed all the actors on set.

CBS: You played Charlie Sheen’s love interest in Two And A Half Men. Do you have a preference in doing comedy or drama?

JT: I had a great time working on a comedy. My part wasn’t particularly comedic itself, but I love the energy of a live audience. And working on Two and a Half Men was really special to me. Since then, I’ve done several films that are more dramatic, and as much as I enjoyed sitcom; I really missed the intimacy of a single camera. Ugh! That’s a hard one! I like switching between the two.

CBS: You met your husband in high school – did you ever think that you two would be living in L.A. now?

JT: Absolutely! I planned on coming out here before I met him. I just waited longer, which was probably a huge blessing! Nothing good would have come out of 17 yr old me in LA alone!

CBS: What would you say if your children wanted to become actors?

JT: What’s wrong with Engineering or Computers or Law or Medicine…? Nah, if they really, truly want to when they are much older and I can’t convince them otherwise, I’d say go for it. But it hasn’t been an easy road for me and I don’t wish that on them. I was just shooting another film in Nashville this month and I came home for one day in between. My son said, “Mommy, I wish you didn’t have to go back. I wish you didn’t take this job.” I told him, “Baby, I love you so much and I miss you, but I also love my job. Sometimes it takes me away from home,but I get to be here a lot. I pray that one day you have a job that you love this much too”.

CBS: Tell us about your home garden where you grow the family’s fruit and vegetables?

JT: My garden rocks!! Which is really to say that my husband rocks. I just enjoy the fruits of his labor.He is always trying something new and starting clippings of stuff. Right now I’m picking cucumbers, lettuce, and kale everyday. Tomatoes, figs, and peppers are coming along well. We had a lot of blueberries and strawberries and the plums and peaches are ripening. My kids just go out and grab things off the tree! I love it!

CBS: Can you tell us a favorite recipe you cook for the family?

JT: Well, every Sunday is Nonno pizza day. Nonno is Italian for Grandpa. My Dad is from Italy and he taught me how to make homemade dough. We started calling it Nonno pizza and it stuck.

CBS: You have two children, Jake and Samantha, what are their ages and what are they into now?

JT: Jake is 9 and Sammy is 4. My son plays basketball right now, while my daughter is enjoying tumbling at the moment.

CBS: Are there activities planned for the children on their summer break?

JT: I like to plan a lot of day trips and playdates. There will definitely be some Disney days and camping.

CBS: We see you’re on Facebook and Twitter – do you share photos of your children on the social media platforms?

JT: I do. I have mixed feelings about it though, and don’t do it a lot. I alternate between a great urge to share and an intense need for privacy. Depends on the day which feeling wins out.

CBS: What are your next projects?

JT: I’m just finishing up a film I’m really excited about called “Like a Country Song” with Billy Ray Cyrus and another one called “Ashley” is being released in August. My next project is going on a long overdue family vacation this summer!

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