Beyoncé Posts Royal Photo Of Blue Ivy

You are now watching the throne.

Very reminiscent of the famous Notorious B.I.G photo, Beyoncé shared a shot of her 17-month-old daughter Blue Ivy rocking a mini crown. While the angling of the image only partially shows her daughter’s face as she wears royal headgear, the proud mama posted the adorable photo via her website.

Proving that baby Blue already has more swag than we could ever possibly try to imagine, the Bootylicious singer shared a series of photos showcasing their fabulous life.

One of the shots was a light peach dress of Blue Ivy’s on a hanger, while another playfully showed off hot pink Tom Ford heels on her mama’s foot.

Another image caught a sweet moment between the pair, with Blue’s precious finger poking at her famous mother’s face.

Blue Ivy’s father is Watch the Thone rapper, Jay-Z.

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  • Anonymous

    Seriously? I am so sick of seeing these photos that she posts of her precious Blue. She says she doesn’t show her face because she wants to keep her private and safe? That is such a crock! Beyonce posts ridiculous photos like this to make it SEEM like she wants to keep her private and safe. Its all about more attention. Get over yourself Bey! You’re not all that!

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s like a tease.

    • christine

      It’s like a tease… except that in order to tease someone, the person has to genuinely want what you are not giving them. These parents seem to believe that we are all DYING to know what Blue looks like, that we get all giddy and worked up to see little glimpses. …Just like the whole is-she-pregnant-or-not thing. It’s narcissism to the absolute extreme.

      • inTouch

        There are 26 comments about this semi-photo. I think her plan is working.

  • anonymous

    ummm…some merit but there are photos of Blue Ivy out there full face, so your comments don’t hold much water.

    • Lulu

      Only about 5% of the photos that include Blue’s entire face have actually been released by Beyonce. The other 95% have been by paps or some other entity. In reality, I believe it is your comment that actually doesn’t hold much water.

  • Anon

    There are not photos shared by them where you see her whole face. All you seehere is her forehead, a little hair and an eye. I don’t get why they ‘share’ these pictures when 99% of the time its either the back of her head or they blur her face out or its so dark you can’t see it and its blurred out. I mean we KNOW what she looks like, there were some paps shots recently of her. She looks EXACTLY like Jay Z. What’s the big secret, if they want to show photos of her they should show actual photos. Not the back of her head.If they want to keep her private then don’t share photos period or take her out where the paparazzi can photograph her. There are celebs whose kids have never been photographed by the paparazzi period.

  • cb

    these halfassed pics are stupid. either show the kid or dont.

  • Meghan

    I don’t understand why it bothers people so much. She can do what she wants with her child’s photos. You can definitely tell she has B’s eyes here.

    • sheyla

      exactly! their kid, Their photos, Their business, Their Life!! lol!

  • lulu

    she takes the strangest photos of her daughter, like she is not proud to show her whole face…..hmmmmm

  • Robin

    Pretentious as hell.

    • Pippa

      BINGO! This isn’t a picture of her daughter. this is a picture of a purple crown with an eyeball. This could be someone else’s child for all we know. Get OVER yourself. Did anyone see her totally pretentious movie on HBO? Poor, poor, pitful Beyonce. That was the WORST case of poor little rich girl I have ever seen. It’s played out Beyonce! Sing. That’s your talent, so stick to it.

      • Tracy

        ” this is a picture of a purple crown with an eyeball.”

        Hahahhahahahaha I love that

  • Anie

    But we’ve already seen her full face, even shown by Beyonce. So i don’t get the half face on this picture. Not to mention whatever the point is with the crown.

  • Meliss

    I honestly don’t get why everyone gets so angry about the photos she posts. I only post obscured pictures of my 14-month old because I don’t want people taking the photos from my page and reusing them, which has happened (and clearly happens with celebrities). I’m not famous but I don’t trust people on the internet. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. I do, however, like to post little funny things she does like hide behind the drapes or sleep with her butt in the air. That’s my way of sharing her in a way that I’m comfortable with. Maybe Beyonce is the same way. When it’s your kid, you get to share as much or as little as you want. She’s uploading pics to her Instagram, or whatever, just like any of us. It’s not like shes selling them to the tabloids or a gossip site. And since when did everyone get so cynical and grouchy?! Live and let live, guys.

    • Robin

      But do you post pics of your child wearing a royal crown?

      • Meliss

        I posted one of her wearing what looked like a chef’s hat but I’m not sure what difference that makes. It’s a picture of a little girl with a tilted hat. Crown, fedora, whatever…I don’t think it matters. I thought it was funny on my kid. Maybe Beyonce thought this was funny on hers.

  • JennyKay

    All I can say is that I am thankful the pics are obscure. This kid is not cute!

  • anonymous

    The article references an *adorable photo.* Where is the photo? I don’t find anything adorable here.

  • anonymous

    Of course this kid isn’t cute. She looks like her ugly, homely looking father.

  • missme?

    I think the same thing, she ain’t showing too many pictures of the kiddo ’cause she daddy’s girl.

  • Anon

    If you saw Suri walking with an anonymous nanny, you would still know it is Suri Cruise.

    If you saw Kingston and Zuma walking with an anonymous nanny, you would still know it is Kingston and Zuma Rossdale.

    If you saw Violet and Seraphina walking with an anonymous nanny, you would still know it is Violet and Seraphina Affleck.

    If you saw Blue walking with an anonymous nanny… well, you would just think she was a random child with a nanny or family member.

    These random pictures with only glimpses of Blue do not lead me to believe that she is ashamed of her child or she is necessarily trying to ‘tease’ her fans, but more that she wants to be able to share her daughter with the world, without making her recognizable.

    Just my opinion.

    • Stefanie

      That’s not true. Paparazzi do recognize her. Just a couple of days ago there were pics of Blue with a nanny and without Beyonce. By now she was seen often enough to be recognized.

      • Anon

        That was outside a building paparazzi already knew Beyonce and her family were. In the pictures, you also see a body guard.

        See how I put ‘anonymous’ nanny? One which has not been previously linked with the child or parents.

  • Anonymous

    Anon, you know this because? Beyonce told u that? Don’t act like you know what a celebrity is thinking? SMH

    • Anon

      I think it is hilarious that you are putting this on a post defending Beyonce, instead of on the other vile posts about how she must be ashamed of Blue and that is why she won’t show pictures of her. Those people do not know her either, and yet you have decided to single out a post which isn’t malicious in its intent and ignore those that are. What does that say about you?

      I would rather give someone I do not know the benefit of a doubt then think the worst of them.

      And what I wrote is how I would feel in that situation – so technically I needn’t know what a celebrity is thinking if it is an opinion on why they might be doing X and Y. Which I think was concluded when I wrote ‘Just my opinion’ at the end of my post.

  • anonymous

    Blue is so adorable despite what the haters have to say

    • Anonymous

      The top half of her face is beautiful, but she has her daddy’s megalips, and there’s nothing pretty about that.

  • anonymous

    She is cute with her dad’s lips some people are paying to get those lips.

    • anonymous

      they’re paying to have them removed maybe…….the lips people want are 1/4 the size of his, he can’t even close his mouth they’re so big.

  • Nella

    hmmm….that’s a nice picture of a crown -.-

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