Rachel Zoe: Lunchin’ With Skyler

Rachel Zoe and Skyler, 2, went to lunch with their friend Joey and the nanny in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (June 29). The group had their meal at Hugo’s Restaurant.

One point Skyler looked joyful being swung by the arms. Reportedly pregnant with her second child – the stylist kept her small bump covered by a purse.

Earlier this year she told People that now that she’s a mom – she’s more flexible with her wardrobe.

She stated, “I think the first thing that happens when you become a mom is you really don’t get that dramatic about things that don’t matter.”

For example she wears “more black because I tend to get things spilled on me all the time. I need my clothes to be more durable and a little less precious.”

“I usually keep a backup something in the trunk of my car. I also think the beauty of being a designer is that I have my collection in my office and I have my collection in my home, so I tend to do a lot of quick changes and carry around baby wipes.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Anne

    There is no way she is pregnant.

  2. Anne

    If she is pregnant, I pity that poor little malnourished fetus

    • Anonymous

      Does the child in this photo look anything other than healthy and happy? Why be so worried about the 2nd one when the 1st one turned out so well?

      • lindsay

        If you compare photo’s of her when she was pregnant with Skyler to this current pregnancy, she looked so much healthier while pregnant the first time. She looks ill and underweight right now.
        In saying that however, Skyler is absolutely adorable, he is beautiful!

  3. Kristina

    She’s so skinny, it’s a bit scary. Putting on some weight during the pregnancy will do her good.

  4. kay

    The headline of this piece makes me crack up — somehow I think the child was the only one “lunchin”.

  5. Angi Dudas

    She looks fine and her little boy is so adorable!!

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