Jennie Finch: “Motherhood Has Made Me So Much Better”

Olympic softball pitcher Jennie Finch and her MLB star husband, Casey Daigle, welcomed their third child – daughter Paisley – on January 12. Also mom to sons Ace, 7, and Diesel, 2, Jennie is the spokesperson for the 2013 Aquaphor New York City triathlon in July, which she says has been “a great way to get back in shape” after welcoming baby No. 3.

The Olympic mom opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the newest “joyful addition” to their family, her sons’ smooth transition with their baby sister, and how motherhood has made her “so much better.”

CBS: Tell us about your role as spokesperson for the 2013 Aquaphor New York City Triathlon in July. What inspired you to partner with Aquaphor?

JF: “Yes! I am super pumped to be an Aquaphor brand ambassador and it’s a complete honor to be asked to do the Triathlon. I am ecstatic about the challenge ahead of me, and it’s been a great journey overall. I’ve learned a ton and have explored the whole new community of triathletes and triathlons. It’s been a lot of fun and challenging at the same time.

Aquaphor asked me to do the triathlon and it was a really perfect fit. I’ve used Aquaphor since my playing days and beyond, and now, as a mother, I use the product all summer for my kids’ eczema and diaper rashes. We use Aquaphor for anything and everything. I also used it when I trained for the marathon, and now I’m using it for the triathlon. More hotspots means more Aquaphor. As a mom-of-three, the triathlon is a great way to get back in shape and do something new.”

CBS: How are you preparing for the triathlon? Is your hubby also doing the race with you?

JF: “Aquaphor hooked me up with a great Olympic triathlon coach named Gale Bernhardt. She gave me her workouts, which consisted of a lot of biking and swimming because those are the two things I am not familiar with. There were also many spin classes, as well as a lot of running.

My hubby isn’t doing the race with me. He’ll be there, but he’s not doing the race.”

CBS: How is Paisley doing? What kind of baby is she? Have you been able to get any sleep?

JF: “Paisley is absolutely wonderful and so special. She’s been such a joyful addition to our lives. She’s five months old now and such a happy, easygoing baby. She’s also a super easy traveler, which makes my life easier because we can be on the road a ton. You never know what it’s going to be like to be a mother-of-three, but it’s been so fun to see my boys fall in love with her. We all have.

Luckily, Paisley is an amazing sleeper as well. The good Lord blessed us with a great sleeper [laughs]. Being a mom-of-three, that’s been key because she allows me to get enough sleep. My middle child was probably our toughest sleeper. It’s been really great to get quality sleep, especially with training.”

CBS: How did you stay in shape throughout the pregnancy and after?

JF: “The Aquaphor triathlon was a great way to put a goal back in my life. I stayed physically fit throughout the pregnancy, although probably not as well as I did with my first two. However, I am still definitely active and you have no choice but to be active when you have two other little ones.

I am all about balance — balance in my diet and balance in life. I think Aquaphor really helped me get back in shape quite fast. I still have some to go, and I am looking forward to the next few weeks of training [laughs].”

CBS: How are your sons Ace and Diesel doing with their new sister?

JF: “They are wonderful. They love and adore her, and I know that she’s in great hands with them as her big brothers. She is absolutely precious with them and they give her a million kisses a day and are so in awe of her. It’s been so fun to see them with her.”

CBS: How has motherhood transformed you or changed you?

JF: “Oh my gosh, motherhood has made me so much better. It’s added so much joy to my life…I can’t possibly imagine my life without my children. It’s been so much fun to explore and experience this incredible new chapter with my husband. Your heart just keeps expanding and growing. You don’t think it can grow any more, but it does.”

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  • Brandi ayala

    I have grown up with Jennie finch playing softball all my life, I am only a year younger than her and have seen her do some incredible things, I was already impressed at her daily life and was floored to hear she did the marathon and then the all star game that afternoon. I also didn’t know all the good stuff from aquaphor u til she talked so highly of it. Thank you for the interview as I have been weighing my plans to start a family with my husband I feel more confident to hear how much fuller it has made her family.

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