Justin Bieber Says He Wants To Get Married & Start A Family


celebrity-teen-scoop-logo-lowresFrom angering parents at a London concert to disappointing his grandpa, Justin Bieber sure had a rough couple of months. The latest on the Biebs is that he’s now…ready to settle down! The popstar says that he wants to “get married and start a family” while he’s still young. Wow! He states that his grandparents are his inspiration.

“My grandparents Bruce and Diane Dale [are my relationship role models,” the 19-year-old reveals. “They love each other so much, after so many years! When I’m their age, I want to be as in love with my wife as my grandfather is with his.”

See what else Justin Bieber has to say about his hopes for the future and his relationship with Selena Gomez at our sister site, Celebrity Teen Scoop.


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  • Jessica

    Really?! Why is this cocky s.o.b on this site?! He is not a parent nor a celebrity child. Who cares if he wants a family. He needs to grow up first!

    • Dj

      I’m not saying that I think he’s mature enough to be a parent, but to call him a s.o.b. is a bit unnecessary and not very grownup in itself!! Just sayin’

      • Jessica

        No it’s not. If you know anything he has done in the past year towards his neighborhood then you would know he is infact an s.o.b. plain and simple.

  • sam

    There is no way that he should ever be allowed to reproduce! It would be a crime against all of humanity!

  • Anonymous

    He says that every other month for attention which is usually fallowed by a photo op with his sibling or some other baby. He really needs to grow up.

  • Gemi

    I hope he never reproduces.

  • SMH

    It’s a shame that Justin allowed fame to get to him. I worried all along that it was coming too fast and too furious for someone so young.
    I don’t think Justin is a bad person I think he’s just caught up in fame and making wrong choices. One day he will grow up (hopefully – remember he is only 19) and he will look back at his ways and think, “gee I really was a d-bag!”
    If Britney can get a hold of herself I have high hopes for Justin as well. I don’t like t see anyone become this self centered individual like some of these celebs have.

  • SMH

    And can I just say the scrunched up – I’m gonna kick your as faces are getting a bit old! *cough Jaden Smith*
    These faces are just as bad as the girls standing in front of mirrors posing with duck lips! It’s esp. laughable when it’s grown ass women doing it!

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