Kelly Rutherford Reunited With Kids; Files For Bankruptcy

Kelly Rutherford’s children Helena, 4, and Hermes, 6, are currently visiting her in New York City. The Gossip Girl actress recently was seen with them as well as friends at a restaurant. According to Life & Style – she paid the entire bill for their lunch on June 24 – despite filing for bankruptcy in May.

A source said, “She had lunch with her daughter, son, a blond woman and a brunette at Brasserie Cognac East in NYC. The table shared salads, a few appetizers and desserts, too. When the check was delivered, Kelly picked it up and paid with her credit card.”

“She seemed really happy to be with her kids,” the source continued. “They seemed happy, too, and were well behaved.”

In May she told E! News, “I think the kids are coming here. I’m beside myself.”

She added, “They like to do everything. They like to go for ice cream, they love the park, they love to be outdoors. They love FAO Schwarz.”

In court documents, the actress is reportedly in $2 million worth of debt and currently has an income of $1,279.33 a month. TMZ reported she owes $350,000 in income taxes for 2012, and has an American Express bill of $25,251.

Last year a judge ruled that the children live with their father Daniel Giersch in Monaco due to his revoked visa.

Rutherford has been fighting for her kids to return to America. She told US Weekly in May, “I’m just looking forward to them coming home at some point soon. They’re U.S. citizens who were sent to a foreign country that neither their father nor I have any connection to. I think the whole thing is bizarre.”

Last September she also was on The View when she shared, “It’s just been crazy. My little girl said, ‘I want to come home, Mama, I want to come back to New York. My son, who’s kind of been brainwashed that where he is is so much better, always says, ‘Mama, I love you so much. You’re in my heart.’”

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  1. anonymous

    I read the article and agree with points made but was it really necessary to call her a “marginal” actress? That was petty, uncalled for and told me the article would be completely biased against her, understandable since it is “Fathers and Families.” Having said that, she now has to pay the price for her actions.

    If Bethany Frankel read the article, perhaps she might learn something on how to treat her child’s father fairly. You never know; her unreasonable behavior could blow up in her face too.

  2. Louise

    The article says: ‘Giersch has to buy plane tickets for Rutherford to fly to Monaco where he and the children live. He has to pay for her lodging and other amenities. He has to do all that six times a year.’
    The judge mainly gave the father residential custody because he facilitated the relationship of the children with Kelly, and Kelly did not. Wise judge!

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