Tania Ante Baron & Shaun T: T25 is “Perfect” For Busy Moms


HerScoopOur spinoff HerScoop sat down with Tania Ante Baron, the Chief Operations Officer of Shaun T Fitness.

Known as ‘The Machine’ in Shaun T’s popular workout DVD, Insanity, Tania said goodbye to her six-pack abs when she gained 60 lbs. during pregnancy.

Tania opens up about losing all the baby weight and getting into the “best shape” of her life after doing T25, Shaun T’s latest workout. And Shaun T shares his thoughts on his BFF and how T25 is the “perfect” workout for busy moms.

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  • James

    You are so cool Tania, I did the Insanity and now I’m doing T25 and you are my favourite, you and shaun of course, between you, you both keep me focused on my goal. Your looking great and such a sweet baby. You Rock, stay strong

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