Charlie Sheen Shares Photo With Twins

Daddy on duty!

Father-of-five Charlie Sheen shared a sweet new snapshot posing with his 4-year-old twin sons, Bob and Max, on Tuesday via Twitter. “If ya see a shark Hooper, Swallow!” the Anger Management actor, 47, captioned the photo, stealing quotes from the classic movie Jaws. “Hey M J S and B; eat this remora lose-bagz. How ya like me now? Hash tag win C.”

The twins are currently in the custody of his second ex-wife Denise Richards while their mom, his third ex-wife Brooke Mueller, is in rehab for prescription drug abuse.

Brooke has been at the facility — her 19th rehab stint — since May 3.

According to TMZ, Charlie has asked the judge to cancel his obligation to pay Brooke $55 thousand per month in child support. The actor has offered to pay Denise this amount, but reportedly, she has refused the money.

Charlie and Denise are parents to daughters Sam, 9, and Lola, 7. The troubled actor is also dad to daughter Cassandra, 28, with ex-girlfriend Paula Profit.

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  • Jenn

    Cute boys, but with all their money can’t they get the one boy a decent haircut.

  • Alyson

    Worst. Father. Ever.
    Why don’t you take care of your own kids instead of passing them off on others? Prom night mistake Cassandra was raised by her paternal grandparents and now these twin boys are being passed off to ex-wife Denise Richards. Money is no substitute for hands on parenting, and I don’t mean staged photo ops that make you look like a decent human being.

    • NYCMommy

      I am pretty sure at this point due to his recent issues no judge would have allowed him custody while their mother is in rehab. He did next best thing asked Denise to take them so they can be with their half siblings.

      Dont think that qualifiies as worst dad ever- there are many other fathers much worse than him both celebrity and non-celebrity.

      • Anonymous

        He held a knife to their mother’s throat and threatened to kill her while both boys slept in the next room. I’m pretty sure he’s up there with Worst Father Ever.

        • NYCMommy

          knife incident is a bunch of heresay and allegations made by a drunk drug addicted Brooke…. was he charged?

          There are fathers that rape their own child, starve their child and even murder their children but you think Charlie Sheen is up there as worst father ever???? Brooke as a mother seems to be much worse than Charlie as a father…

    • laura

      He probably knows that Denise a better parent than him, so it’s for the boys’ well being. Also, I’m guessing he’s very busy working, and if they stay with Denise they also stay with their sisters. It’s better to be with a loving relative who takes good care of them rather than being raised by a nanny. Not that I have anything against nannies, but, you know…

      • Anonymous

        No, it’s better for them to be with a father who would do ANYTHING he could to make their lives normal and stable. He’s not willing to do that. Pathetic.

  • anonymous

    That bowl haircut has to go….

  • amy

    So Brooke is in rehab and she’s STILL getting child support?! Even if Denise is denying the money, why can’t that money be going into savings accounts for the boys when they’re older? $27,500 EACH, per month would sure make a nice savings accounts for when those boys are older.

    I still can’t believe that neither Brooke or Charlie can get their acts together. Those boys are so sweet and innocent and deserve to have wonderful, loving parents who would do anything for them. It’s sad that selfishness and addiction are standing in the way. Thank goodness for Denise (and her father!) for stepping up and giving these children some stability. I hope she gets them permanently so they don’t have to be bounced around anymore.

  • A

    I feel sorry for the boys. They look sad.

  • Gina

    Charlie should be so ashamed of himself by giving his ex-wife custody of his kids with their addicted mother. If he was a man and thought of others before himself, which of course we see isn’t going to happen, he would take those boys and raise them himself! But then he isn’t well himself and needs help with his drinking and drugs and women! It’s really too bad because these kids didn’t ask to be brought into the world and have such losers for parents! Both these boys don’t even look like they want to be in the presence of him at all in this pic of them. They don’t look happy at all! So very sad!

  • Anonymous

    Hashtag win? What does this deadbeat dad think he’s winning at in life? He’s almost 50, he abuses women, he’s a junkie and his kids can’t even live with him. His children are bullied at school for his juvenile behavior and these staged photo ops are beyond pathetic.

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