Get the Look: SoYoung

Honor Marie has her first day with first graders

Honor carries a SoYoung Mermaid Lunch Box – $32

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  • Jen

    Given that, in my experience a lunch box will be lost or go home with another child, I refuse to spend more than $10, maybe $15 on it. However, if I had enough faith that they would always come back home this would be a pretty cool one to have. Ehh.. nevermind, I still wouldn’t spend $30 on a lunch box.

    Also, every class has that one mom who will deny that their kid came home with your kid’s lunch box if it is nicer than the one they bought. I’m convinced of it. Maybe it is pessimistic, but I’ve stood in my kitchen too many times asking another mom over the phone how I can be holding her kid’s bag, which she doesn’t want back, but she doesn’t have my kid’s bag.

  • Theresa

    I bought that lunch box for my daughter and she uses it all the time!

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