Kris Jenner Says Baby North Looks Like Both Kim And Kanye

While the world eagerly awaits the release of baby North West’s first photo, glowing grandmother Kris Jenner has offered a brief description of her new granddaughter. When asked which parent little North most resembles, Jenner says that she is “kind of a combo” of both Kim and Kanye.

In addition, Kris also defended her granddaughter’s controversial name.

“North means highest power and [Kim] says that North is their highest point together,” Kris reveals.

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  • Alyson

    She’s getting us ready, so we’re not horrified

  • Sarah

    No? Really? She’s gonna look like both? I had no idea!

  • anonymous

    Congrats to her for understanding how heredity works

  • Anonymous

    Duh, of course. Did she think the baby was going to look white and like her? Lots of biracial children look mixed or like both. My nephew who is half black and half white came out looking white and 18 months later he looks totally black. I love him to pieces.

  • Anonymous

    “Kim says that North is their highest point together,”

    Sorry to say but I bet their entire relationship will be headed downhill from here on out.

  • Anonymous

    Bruce is kinda hard on the eyes.

  • anonymous

    I hope they wait several months to post a photo of the baby. She’s not a circus animal to be put on display. People need to find something to do with their time other than clamoring for a photo of a helpless little baby who can’t speak for herself.

  • jessicad

    I have a feeling they’ll wait until Kate Middleton gives birth to release pictures of North, because Kim can’t stand not being the center of attention. Ugh.

    • Jane

      I have been thinking the EXACT same thing. She is going to try and steal the Royal babies thunder. AS IF her baby could compete?!

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t even think about that until someone mentioned it yesterday. Then I was like “well duh”! This woman has appeared to have been either competing with or copycatting the Princess throughout her entire pregnancy. Releasing photos at the same time makes perfect sense.

  • Jj

    No kidding? It will be a fugly kid.

  • Anonymous

    Bruce Jenner used to be such a handsome man. Back in his day, he was quite the heartthrob. Now, he looks strangely effeminate. I wish he would have aged naturally. He would probably have still been handsome to this day.

    • NYCMommy

      My daughters watch the Karadshian reality show and they said he was very upset about his plastic surgery gone wrong and is very vocal on show about how embarassed he is about it.

      Sad, some people just cant age gracefully (Kenny Rogers,Donatella Versace,Carrot Top, Mickey Rourke, Wayne Newton and Lil Kim to name a few)… and if you overdo surgery you always end up looking like a cat.

  • Kelly

    Well I’m glad she does not look like Kim and Bruce!

  • Colleen

    Wow, people are really negative on here. I read that they have already refused to sell photos and won’t put the baby on the show either. How can anyone predict that Kim and Kanye will not last?

    • Anonymous


      Girl please people can predict what Kim and Kanye will do just like we can predict after Monday comes Tuseday.

      Kim also said while pregnant that she was going to stay home more yet she was pap every day and some times twice a day and was flying all over the pace throughout her pregnancy. While on a talk show she said she was going to be more private that never happened.

      Not to mention that ever since she had North she and her mom have been selling story after story after story to the media.

      • Colleen

        I guess I am not up on all of the stuff. I only come on this site because all the babies are so cute. I do not follow any of the other sites or I may have known more.

  • tee

    I’m much more excited to see the Kimye baby, which will be either very beautiful or ugly, than the ‘royal’ baby, which I’m sure will be very plain- pale, (sandy-)/brown haired- like a typical British baby- especially considering the parents are average-looking. If you are looking for beautiful princesses, Google the princess of Saudi Arabia. She is even more beautiful in videos.

  • Nadine

    “While the world eagerly awaits the release of baby North West’s first photo” . . .

    Yeah, I had planned to go Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate my grandmother’s 100th birthday, but I told my family there was no way I could go because of the remote possibility that baby North’s picture would be released in the next couple of days. I’m basically on lockdown this weekend. The kids will have to eat Cheerios straight from the box, ’cause there’s no way I’m going to spend even a second away from this site. Screw you, Grandma!

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