Gena Lee Nolin’s Blog: “Mommy Time Out”

Mom-of-four Gena Lee Nolin is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers along as she shares her life experiences – and asks for advice – as she juggles her busy life with husband Cale Hulse and their four children: Spencer, 16, Caia, 11, Hudson, 6, and Stella, 4.

In her latest guest blog, Gena talks about the importance of carving out ‘me’ time. The former Baywatch star, 41, talks about the everyday stressors of motherhood and the value of taking a “mommy timeout” every now and again. Continue reading her words of wisdom, and share your thoughts, questions, and advice in the comments.

“Mommy Time Out

Having four children that range in ages from 4 to 16 years old has definitely put a damper on any extra ‘me’ time that I used to have. It’s pretty easy to replace those carefree days of lunching and lounging with our girlfriends, to watching My Baby Can Read videos while wiping puke out of our hair.

Isn’t it funny how it just happens?

I’ve been puked on, pooped and peed on so many times that I don’t even flinch, I just grab a towel and do what needs to be done. My, how life changes after our beautiful babies [laughs].

This really shouts out to all the different hats our readers may wear — the stay-at-home moms, full or part-time working moms, it doesn’t matter. This is about finding time for you, not the latest and greatest stroller or diaper bag. Doesn’t that sound dreamy to think about you, even if it’s just for a moment? It most certainly does doggonit!

It’s essential to find alone time that we need to feel good about ourselves.

It can be as simple as working out, taking a run, going for a glass of wine with a girlfriend, or having a date night with our spouse. If you’re the primary caregiver to your children – this to me is the hardest job by far – I quickly found working outside of the home was much easier than staying home with little ones.

Regardless of what role you play, us women must have time to gather with other women. This goes back thousands of years ago, when women would take care of one another, help with their birthing needs, emotional needs, on and on. That must be where the term ‘Cackling Hens’ came from.

Let’s take some simple steps to make this dream a reality.

Have you heard of Groupon? If so, check it out. Find what’s going on locally that’s in your budget. Getting your nails done, massage, whatever it is, this is strictly about you. Next step: daycare. Nearby relatives that you can trust, drop-off daycare centers, your local gym or club that has top notch childcare — check out your options beforehand.

Now that you’ve got your plan, stick with it guilt-free!

Don’t forget, this might take a week or even a month to put in place. That’s okay, but the wheels are in motion and it’s your day that you’re planning.

Being a mommy is the best thing I’ve ever done, but in order to be the best I can be for my children and husband, I must have a ‘Mommy Time Out.’

This gives me time to reconnect with Cale, or sometimes, just myself! Whatever your definition is of relaxing without Elmo ringing in your ears, do it! It’s a necessity.

For the stay-at-home daddys out there, same to you! Go fishing alone for the afternoon. We don’t want to see you back until nightfall — just wear sunscreen. Or go grab a buddy and take in a game with wings afterwards.

As parents, we need time to unwind and relax. Trust me, your kids will thank you for it.

* This doesn’t apply to new parents. I would wake my baby up just to make sure he was breathing, then we’d change outfits and take pictures! In time [smiling], in due time newbies.”

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  • Dawn

    Love you Gena Lee! You make us mommy’s feel so good about ourselves and good options to take care of us! Everyone forgets about moms, we’re taken for granted often which sucks! You’re so gorgeous without makeup in these photos.
    Dawns Daydreams Daycare

  • Emily

    You’re so right! Yah!! I was wondering when you’d be back! I love your blogs and solutions to our parenting needs. Torrie Wilson & you look like sisters! Love, love, love you fellow mama!

  • Sue

    Gena you couldn’t be more right on! Mommy time out is the perfect title! Love your blogs. Sue

  • Carolyn

    Groupon is awesome! What great advice in planning a mommy day, every budget can pull this off. Your photos are so real and I personally appreciate the no makeup look! That’s my life, you’re so relatable to us. Thank you

  • Holly

    Love you and Torrie Wilson! Great blog with tons of advice again! Were you a WWE diva?

  • Jackie

    Awesome blog Gena! Love the groupon idea too!

  • Isabelle

    i’m not good at taking time for myself and i do everything at home, full time care giver. i was in need of another gln blog, you’re the best and certainly experienced in the parenting dept. thanks!

  • Tami

    You blogs are the best and keep my attention. They’re smart and helpful! We don’t need to hear blah blah, you get to it! Keep up your awesome thyroid work, you’ve got a loyal fan in me forever.

  • Joanne

    I agree, Torrie and you look like sisters! Was missing your blogs Gena, glad you back! I’m going to massage envy for a 2 hour rub down! Thanks to you.

  • Rachel

    Such a cute & true blog! Looks like your in AZ by the photos. Hope you guys have a great 4th of July!

  • Anonymous

    Happy 4th of July to you and your family! I’m so on the groupon thing. Thank you

  • Tara

    Gena, you have helped me so much. I have a 7 month old and reading your blogs make me laugh. It’s so true about the “my baby can read” videos. We got them all! I find that I need alone time now!!! I’m tired. I also had my thyroid checked last week, waiting on results. Thx!

  • Louise

    My husband and I just love you Gena! Thank you for the tips on parenting and finding time for us hard working parents. We get so busy we forget to take care of us! God bless you darling for all you do! By the way, I’m a Sexy from your Thyroid Sexy page! 😉

  • Abby

    Can you please write a beauty blog for us moms? What you do with to keep your skin so beautiful. It glows in all you photos. I’m on nature-throid and feel so much better. Thanks Gena for all you do on TS!

  • Nancy

    Gena, I met you tonight on the red carpet with your kids! When I interviewed you, your skin was flawless! It was such a pleasure finally meeting you in person! The press loves you!!!

  • Leah

    Great blog! It was really exciting meeting you at the circus. I couldn’t get over how naturally beautiful you were in person & the time you took to chat with me. You’re an inspiring woman in every way.

  • Melissa

    Hi, was nice meeting you and Mario Lopez the other night. You’re such a natural mother, kids crawling all over you and yet you were totally relaxed even giving me advice with my hypo child. It feels good being around you Gena and I wish the entire world knew how amazing you are! You are changing the world with this illness.
    Thanks again, Melissa

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