Rachel Zoe Is A Malibu Mom-To-Be

Expectant mama Rachel Zoe, 41, stepped out with her son Skyler, 2, and husband Rodger Berman in Malibu, Calif. on Tuesday (July 2). After stopping by Desert Sun Nail Salon for a spa treatment, the couple took their tot to Bui Sushi for an early dinner.

Last month, the pair announced that baby No. 2 is on-the-way.

The celebrity stylist recently opened up about her pregnancy with Sky.

“Being pregnant with Sky was really great actually,” she said. “Maybe the fact that I wore heels until I gave birth. A lot of people made fun of me for it. I was determined!”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • Someone

    Why oh why do her toes hang off of all her shoes?! I know it’s a silly thing to comment on but it’s annoying. Get some shoes that fit!

    • Anonymous

      …… and get a haircut for that adorable little boy!

      • Eva

        It is customary among some Jews not to cut a male child’s hair until a certain age, usually four. I have no idea if they are observing this or just can’t part with those amazing curls….but it is really no concern of yours. Bet she isn’t telling you how to rear your children!

        • Zee

          I was with you until you got smart. Whats with people on this Site that they can’t make a point without being rude?

          • Anonymous

            Because the point is ridiculous. The constant criticism about the length of boys’ hair, the length of girls shorts, the ice cream someone lets their kids eat, or the fact that a 5-year old got carried by their parent…. It’s all old already. These parents are NOT cutting their kids hair, no one wants to read 50 posts from people whining that this kid’s hair is too long. Enough already.

    • Patty

      Thank you!! She’s a stylist and her toes hanging off her shoes is very unsightly!

  • Brooke

    Pregnant or not, I just think those shoes look ridiculous.

    • laura

      All of her outfit looks ridiculous, she looks like a witch!

  • Courtney

    Rachel is observing the Jewish tradition of not cutting Skylar’s hair until age 4 as for her toes hanging over the edge of the sandal has it ever occurred to you she’s retaining water because she’s pregnant and it’s summer

    • NYCMommy

      Courtney and Eva- The customary age is THREE and the cermeony is called Upsherin. (Not sure if that is reason for her not cutting child’s hair but it is always good to get facts about religuous practice correct in any case)

  • Doreen

    She looks sooo unhealthy! Sorry. but why don’t anyone write something about this? I think she has a problem and I hope it won’t affect the baby.

  • Bdel

    She is soooo ridiculously thin! Just as there are with being overweight, there are so many health risks being underweight during pregnancy. She needs a nutritionist asap.

  • anonymous

    Her toes always hang off her shoes even when she wasn’t pregnant. So what’s your excuse now?

  • sheida

    she always looks like a witch and this poor baby seriously needs a haircut. he will hate his mammy later for this ridiculous hair and outfits.

    • Anonymous

      How is that outfit ridiculous? He looks adorable to me.

  • sandie

    How can a woman who dresses like a bag lady have a career as a stylist???

  • Superwoman

    I think his outfit is cute he is such a cutie !! I can not see why his hair being longer than a average boy would attract anyone else’s attention and why anyone else would care. The kid seems to be happy and healthy and I think everyone could look back through their baby pics and would be a little mad at our moms lol. I do agree that she looks quite thin but she was also very slim during her first pregnancy. Best of luck to her

    • Anonymous

      Only the unhappy, overweight hags on this site would ‘thumbs down’ a comment noting that a child is happy and healthy.

  • A

    And she’s a stylist? Haha!

  • candice

    Her skeletal frame is frightful and it’s quite obvious that she’s wearing layers of oversized clothing to hide it. If she’s pregnant then I do hope she starts to feed herself if not for her own health, then for her growing baby.

  • julie

    After stopping by Desert Sun Nail Salon for a spa treatment, the couple took their tot to Bui Sushi for an early dinner
    Hopefully she ordered (and consumed) solid food for a change. If anything, she looks even bonier than usual, especially in the chest!!!

  • Heather

    Get over it people. She’s incredibly thin. She wears a lot of black. She likes her son’s hair luscious. Her toes hang out of her shoes. Do we have to hash it out every time!!!

    • Anonymous

      The hags *do* need to hash it out every time. Sad, isn’t it?

  • Jen

    How does she walk in those shoes?! They look deadly esp for someones who’s pregnant. As for her son’s hair, get over it already people! Who cares! She has said that he’s happy and healthy and that’s what matters. Let them be happy and let him be himself. I give kudos to her for doing that.

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