Jaime Ray Newman Celebrates Rooftop Baby Shower

Jaime Ray Newman, star of ABC’s Red Widow, and her husband, Guy Nattiv, were showered with love by family and friends like Lindsay Price at their recent rooftop baby shower in West Hollywood. Planned by celebrity event guru Renee Simlak and hosted by DaddyScrubs, the line of “I’m The Daddy” gifts and apparel, the co-ed affair gave guests a chance to honor the welcoming of Jaime and Guy’s first child, a daughter due in August.

At the event, Jamie opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her baby shower and how her pregnancy has been going. She also went on to talk about her upcoming projects and what she’s looking forward to the most in becoming a first-time mom.

CBS: What was your favorite part about the baby shower today?

JRN: “My favorite part was seeing all of my family and friends in one little venue. It was great to be surrounded by people who I haven’t seen in six moths…they can’t believe my belly! Our wedding was in Israel and we didn’t have an American wedding, so this kind of made up for our wedding, because it was a co-ed event. It was overwhelming and wonderful to see everyone in one place.”

CBS: How has the pregnancy been going?

JRN: “Thankfully, I’ve been feeling really good. Now I’m starting to slow down and my feet are getting a little tired, but up until now I’ve had a lot of energy and I’ve felt great! I love being pregnant.”

CBS: Have you been experiencing any crazy food cravings?

JRN: “My first trimester, all I wanted were saltine crackers, cheese, and coca-cola. [laughs]  For the first three months, a salad literally made me want to vomit. We’ll see the kind of baby she turns out to be!” [laughs]

CBS: How are you preparing for the delivery?

JRN: “We have a wonderful doula named Yvonne Novak, who has worked with a many of my friends. We also have a great Obi at Cedars . It’s great!”

CBS: What are you looking forward to the most in becoming a mom?

JRN: “All of the endless nights of sleep I am going to get. [laughs] I am just excited to have something bigger than me and Guy out there. You get so self-involved and wrapped up in yourself, especially in our business, so it will be really nice to have something more significant than us.”

CBS: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from your mom friends?

JRN: “Don’t be scared to take hand-me-downs. When someone is finished with one thing, say, ‘I’ll take it!’ Babies grow out of things so quickly.”

CBS: Do you have any baby names picked out yet?

JRN: “Yes, but I’m not saying anything! [laughs] You’ll know in six weeks. We’ve had the name picked out for a couple of years.”

CBS: How do you plan on balancing motherhood with your career and everything you have going on?

JRN: “There are many actresses who’ve done it beautifully before me, so I know I’ll be able to do it. Somehow I’ll work it out. My husband and I are starting to produce, so that will give us more freedom. People have kids and careers every single day.”

CBS: Do you think that women can truly ‘have it all,’ or is that unattainable?

JRN: “I don’t think that anyone can ‘have it all,’ but I think women can have a great family life and career. I have to believe that, because I see it everywhere. We’re just taking it day-by-day.”

CBS: What projects do you have coming up?

JRN: “I have Tarzan coming out, which is a big Avatar-esque film starring Kellan Lutz. I also have Drop Dead Diva, where I play a pregnant Diva. [laughs]  I’m also taking time off, because I have to. Red Widow is over, but I’ll get back up and at it.”

Jaime and Guy also reveled over their new items, such as Little Castle’s Valente Glider from Nomi Kids in Beverly Hills.

“I’m in baby heaven and can’t wait for the baby to be settled into her beautiful nursery,” Jaime gushed.

Renee Simlak, the brains behind the whole baby shower, also chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about why mommies-to-be need to have baby showers like Jaime’s.

“As an event producer who does different-themed events all the time, what made Jaime Ray Newman’s baby shower so memorable was that she was so open to my creative ideas in making this an amazing celebration,” Renee shared. “It was a truly wonderful experience and I think more mommies-to-be should have baby showers like this so they can bring everyone together and have a really good time. Once they have the baby, it’s all work, work, work! I’m so grateful to have worked with Jaime, because she was such a wonderful joy to work with.”

The celebration featured fine Mexican cuisine from Sky’s Gourmet Tacos and DAMA Tequila‘s pink “DAMA MAMA” Margaritas. Guests also went gaga over baby-themed cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and Sprinkles Cupcakes. Everyone also enjoyed manis from Nail Garden and took fun pics at Photo Booth Pro‘s Instagram Photo Booth. A major highlight was the stunning customized push pendant from “The Mommy Pendant” that Renee Simlak gave to Jaime to mark the occasion.

Further sponsors at the baby shower:


Freshly Picked

Nomi Kids


Rockabye Mommy

Belly Bandit


My Brest Friend

Aden + Anais


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