Emme Muñiz: Summery Stroll

Emme Muñiz was seen leaving the Agoura Hills Calabasas Community Center with her nanny on Wednesday (July 3).

The 5-year-old looked summery in a striped dress and sandals.

Last month Jennifer Lopez received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“A star on Hollywood Boulevard, I said I wasn’t going to cry,” she said at the ceremony. “I really am overwhelmed – it all feels kind of, I don’t know, surreal, but so real. It’s awesome.”

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  • Me

    So homely…

  • Isabella

    Poor JLO, such an unfortunate looking unattractive child.

    • Albus

      A guess a pretty face is what matters to you in a child. Ignorante.

    • anon

      I feel the same way…but it seems like we may be the only honest one…:-)

      • anon

        I was saying this to Isabella, by the way…

      • Albus

        You may be honest like you say but seriously how can you consider ‘unfortunate’ to simply not have a pretty looking child? I won’t deny that JLo’s kids don’t have the conventional beauty that you see in kids in magazines, catalogs or other celeb kids, but to say that’s unfortunate it’s stupid and ignorant. I guess your face is perfect and your kids’ better be as well, or you’ll consider yourself unfortunate. And that’s a pity. Honest or not.

        • Me

          You are right…My children are beautiful….It is what it is…I’m very lucky and so are they.
          All I said is that her daughter is homely… That’s it.
          It is what it is….I’m just being honest
          No big deal. A lot of kids are not that good looking. but they are still good kids.

          • Anonymous

            You think your kids are beautiful but to someone eles your kids might be homely looking. Should someone post on your Facebook if you have one saying that your kids are homely and that their just being “honest”.

          • @me

            Lol at your comment I’m sure you THINK your kids are “beautiful” the same way JLO and Mark think their kids are beautiful just because you say it dosen’t make it so.

          • InTouch

            Yes, but only a b*tch would post online that someone’s kid was homely looking.

            So your kids may have hit the jackpot in the looks department, but their mother’s a b*tch. Someday they’ll realize they’d have been better off ugly.

      • Anonymous

        Isabella was not being “honest” she a big Jenniffer Garner fan so she buts down JLO and her kids every chance she can get. If you want to be honest Jennifer Garner kids are cute ether.

  • LaKesha

    Beautiful girl…not sure why others refuse to see this.

  • Hope

    I think Emme is cute! She’s so small & petite too. She definitely looks a lot like her dad, but she still has a lot of growing to do. Who knows, she could start look more & more like her mom as times goes on. I still think she’s a cute girl though 🙂

  • anonymous

    Well I went and looked at some other photos of her online and she is definitely cute. She has dainty features, gorgeous brown eyes, a heart shaped face and beautiful wavy hair. I am thinking the lonely losers making the nasty comments are doing it to feel better about themselves.

  • Elektra

    Why the paps are taking pics of this little girl is beyond me as she is with neither her mommy or her daddy.

    • trish

      Thanks for the first intelligent comment. This is a celebrity site – the child and nanny are not celebrities and Jennifer is nowhere in sight.

  • missme?

    she looks like a little old lady!

    • Me


  • Anonymous

    She’s cuter than Violet Affleck.

  • layla

    The nanny looks like a grey haired Katie Holms hahaha

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