Giveaway: Joovy Toddler Prize Package ($290)

Joovy is a family company that designs and manufactures gear for active families. Their goal is to offer products that are extremely useful, practical, good-looking and FUN! The line integrates vibrant, high quality fabrics and materials into each product they bring to market. At Joovy, it is important to offer high quality at reasonable prices, treat each customer with personal attention and guarantee satisfaction with our products. They also like to have a bit of fun and invite you to join their Joovy family.

We are giving away the following Joovy Toddler Prize Package (value: $290):

  • The Joovy Tricycoo is a tricycle for children as young as 18 months. The Tricycoo is the perfect way to introduce your child to balance and coordination, one step at a time. Your child will love the adventure of piloting their very first vehicle and parents love that they are in control while their child masters each stage of learning. Value: $129.99.
  • OR the Joovy BicycooBMX is a durable, well designed balance bike for kids 3 years and above. The frame is made of aluminum so it is strong and lightweight just like high-end bikes. The lightweight frame makes controlling the bike much easier for kids, unlike the heavy wooden and steel versions. The tires are pneumatic (air) and refillable. Many balance bikes on the market use EVA plastic tires which are cheaper and wear out much quicker than these rubber tires used on the Joovy BicycooBMX. The suspension qualities of pneumatic tires give kids a much smoother ride. There is also a hand brake for the rear tire.Value: $139.99.
  • The Joovy Noodle helmet is for children 1 – 4 years old with a head size between 18.5 – 20.5 inches (47-52 cm). They recommend using it when children ride bikes, trikes, ride-on cars, scooters, bike trailers and other activities like these. Value: $29.99.
  • The Joovy Loo has a completely sealed inner bowl and has been designed with only two parts that fit cleanly together with no nooks or crannies for spill overs to get trapped. The Joovy Loo combines contemporary styling with watertight cleanliness to give you the most functional potty on the market. Value: $39.99.
  • The Joovy StepTool combines cutting edge design and sturdiness to look great and perform even better. The StepTool is great in all environments and makes reaching easier for you and your children. Whether using it to reach a kitchen counter, the bathroom sink, or the ‘big’ potty, the StepTool will step-up to your needs. Our step stool’s sturdy construction is rated to support 300 lbs. and the non-slip top and bottom ensures both safety and stability. Value: $19.99.
  • The Joovy Dood Training and Sippy cup are the most full-featured cups on the market today. Equipped with ergonomic handles soft or hard spout, the Dood uses the same CleanFlow Vent as the Joovy Boob Baby Bottle. Easy to clean and super easy to reassemble. BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate FREE. Available in purpleness and turquoise. Assortment worth $60.

How to Enter:

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This contest ends Friday, July 12 at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to Canada & US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*
Congratulations to the winner of our Kickboard USA giveaway: Christy!

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