Rachel Zoe: I’m Not Pregnant

Rachel Zoe took Skyler shopping at an outdoor mall in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (July 7). Her makeup artist friend Joey Maalouf also came along.

On Friday (July 5) – The celebrity stylist and her husband Rodger Berman took Skyler  grocery shopping in Malibu. The family also went to Marmalade Cafe for lunch. Zoe – who usually wears mostly black – wore a printed pink dress and white cardigan. At one point she was congratulated on her pregnancy by a paparazzo but she denied it.

“Who said I was pregnant?” she asked the videographer, according to the Daily Mail.

“You’re not pregnant?” the pap said. Zoe shook her head “no.”

Last month People reported the Bravo reality star was expecting their second child but she herself never confirmed. it.

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  • Jessica

    That’s odd.

  • Bdel

    Hmmmm, something fishy going on. People is usually reliable.

  • Lisa


  • grace d

    At her age (45+???) she is probably undergoing amnio and won’t announce any pregnancy until the results come in — they can take up to a couple of weeks based on my experience….

    • Brooke

      She’s 41.

      • @ Brooke

        Lol don’t make me laugh. She 41 and Gwen Stefani is a natural beach blond, the woman has lieing about her age so much even she can’t keep her story straight.

        • Anonymous

          I love how people like you think it’s so easy to lie about your age when you’re in the public eye.

          For one thing, her high school yearbook is online. Kind of hard to lie about your age when people know when you graduated, isn’t it?

          • Anonymous

            Really because for one if you watch her show her husband has even called her out for lying about it and when she says how long she ben in the buissness one minuet she says 15 years the next she says 20 which give and takes 5 years off her age.

            And if you think a post yearbook can’t be fake then you are easly gullible.

      • grace d

        hahahahaha! you are way too funny.

  • chris

    She is so frail and unhealthy looking – I’ve seen cancer patients that look better!

  • SMH

    Well she could be messing around or she really never was and people got it wrong. I guess as they say, only time will tell.

  • anonymous

    These gossipy assumptions are so annoying because half the time they’re just BS.

  • Anonymous

    They are becoming really over exsposed it’s time to stop calling the paparizzi.

    I love how the nanny which is an older woman in the seconded picture is way behind them struggling with their bags and instead of helping her they are doing some family photo op and taking pictures.

    • Anonymous

      Struggling? She’s holding a shopping bag on top of a stroller. That’s hardly struggling.

      • Anonymous

        Look again sweetly she trying to push the stroller with one had while holding a bag in the other. All the while try with the one hand that’s pushing the stroller to hold on to another bag will trying not to have the dipper bag fall. If you don’t call the struggling then I don’t know what is.

        • InTouch

          Pulleezeee… You’ve obviously never struggled in your life if you think THAT is struggling!

  • Anonymous

    That’s what Hollywood likes – skinny, frail, waiflike…

    • fiona

      Yeah, but she’s not even attractive.

  • Meliss

    I wonder if she had a miscarriage.

  • A

    She needs a burger or 10.

  • klutzy_girl

    Okay, PEOPLE’s always reliable about pregnancies, so either she’s lying and waiting until she’s further along to confirm (like last time), she miscarried, or it was made up (and I can’t see that being an option with PEOPLE’s confirmation. US Magazine maybe, but not PEOPLE).

    • Anonymous

      1. She said she not pregnant that dosen’t mean they are not having another baby via surrogate.

      2. Rachel fallows the media news so her acting like she surprised is laughable.

      • Bren

        I totally agree about the surrogate and think she 100% had a surrogate for first kid.

  • vickey

    The family also went to Marmalade Cafe for lunch
    so that would involve eating — something that Rachel Zoe doesn’t seem familiar with. Great example to set for her young son. Hopefully the dad is a good role model….

  • yep

    I don’t specially like her but she looks so sad in that video. I hopefor her that she didn’t have a miscariage

  • anonymous

    Why is there such a delay between when a comment is submitted and when it appears??? If some of the vitriol and vulgar language on other posts is any indication, it’s not that the site has high standards.

  • Sophia

    She could’ve miscarried or be expecting a baby via surrogate or just not want to talk about her pregnancy.

    • Sophia

      Or not be pregnant of course.

  • djb

    I’m from Georgia. And, I’m still trying to figure out why they dress like it’s cold in California.

  • Brooke

    Why does everyone hate her so much? She has one of the happiest kids in Hollywood so clearly she’s doing something right.

    • Rose

      I don’t understand why people dislike her either. But your comment makes no sense. You have no way of knowing if someone has a happy child or not or if they are even raising their child.

      • Anonymous

        I think when every single photo you see of a child has a massive grin on their face, it’s safe to presume that the child is happy.

  • violet

    She looks more like the child’s grandma!!

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