Christie Brinkley Graces Cover With Daughter

In their first cover together, former supermodel Christie Brinkley posed alongside her lookalike daughter Sailor for Bella NYC magazine.

The 59-year-old model and her 15-year-old stunning daughter looked lovely in the local lifestyle glossy, wearing cozy knit sweaters and army green bottoms. 

“It seems like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms, and now she’s standing next to me, this radiant beauty,” Christie tells the mag.

Following in her famous mother’s footsteps, the beautiful teen has been featured in Teen Vogue and will be modeling the new One Direction collection for Claire’s fall campaign.

Sailor has grown up so much! We haven’t seen her since November 2009.

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Photo credit: Anna Gunselman/Bella NYC

  • musiclover

    Wow…Sailor is stunning!! And Christie…. how does she manage to look so amazing at 59?!

  • Donna

    I have to say I am surprised what they are wearing. My 11 year old daughter loves wearing tanks with sweaters and shorts but in this case the daughter is all covered up and mom is showing some skin, LOL. But then it is Christie Brinkley!!!!!

  • NoahLot

    Wow, thrilled for them! Christie is a doll and I am sure gorgeous Sailor is as kindhearted as her stunningly beautiful mom!

  • Marie

    Christie is beautiful and all her children are gorgeous!

  • Ava

    Christy is so beautiful stunning woman

  • SMH

    Wow last time l saw a pic of Sailor she was about 9!! So pretty!

  • Joey

    The last time i saw her she was a little chunky too….they are beautiful. Her son Jack is gorgeous too.

  • Vickki

    She has 3 children by 3 different men.

    • SiervaMaria

      Or, three different ex husbands were blessed with her as their children’s mother.

      #1 cheater – alcoholic
      #2 liar and con and gave up all rights to son
      #3 adulterer

    • Anonymous

      And this is your business?

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Kevin Federline has kids by 3 different women too. A least Christie was married to her guys.

  • jacquie109

    She looks 40, not almost 60!!!! I hope I look half as good as her when I’m that age.

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