Amy Poehler: New York City Is The Best City To Live With Kids

Amy Poehler misses New York City and thinks it’s a great place to raise children.

The Parks and Recreation actress – who now lives in L.A. with Archie, 4, and Abel, nearly 3, – said in her interview with Time Out New York, “I think it’s the best city to live in with kids. My kids learn more on the walk from our house to the deli than they do driving around all day. They see so many different people, they ask so many questions, they interact with so many different types of people. They’re so stimulated and energized.”

Asked about her favorite parks she replied, “Because I have little boys, I tend to like the local parks that are near my house—a lot of the West Village parks, because they’re kid-friendly. It’s a great place to bring them. The little hideaway places that you stumble onto as you live in the city are more my style, because I’m more of a downtown gal. They’re not perfect, and that’s why they’re great.”

The former Saturday Night Live star separated from Will Arnett last September. She’s currently dating Nick Kroll.

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  • Dini

    Really Amy? Only if you are rich would you have that opinion. Ask the many mothers who don’t have the time to walk their children to a park because they are too tired from working and rushing to pick up their little ones from daycare and the ones who can barely afford the high price of rent and of course everything is expensive in NY, especially the West Village.

  • Dini

    Also Amy, not everyone can afford to live in the West Village. If you are living in less than desirable neighborhoods, you don’t want to expose your children to that element.

  • Jenn

    You don’t have to be rich to walk your kids to the park. It’s probably the cheapest thing to do. Working or not, most moms I know can walk their kids to the park if they are close enough. I just adore Amy and her boys are adorable.

    • Dini

      I’m sure you don’t live in NYC. Of course you don’t have to be rich to walk your kids to the park, but it really depends on what neighborhood you live in.

  • A

    Cute kids, but Amy needs a new bra.

  • valerie

    I agree with the points about NYC being expensive — no doubt about that! However, the walk everywhere lifestyle is preferable to one where people seem to drive everywhere in their oversized SUV’s — yes, that means you Hollywood!

    • SiervaMaria

      With the exception of rents, it’s really on balance not that much more expensive. It’s actually (imo) healthier because like you say, you can pretty much walk everywhere if one is so inclined.

      • Dini

        OMG, you can’t live in NY. Try walking in the heat, humidity, rain, snow and cold. Would you go to work all sweaty and nasty? You try walking everywhere where you live and see if it’s that great.

        Everything in NY is more expensive than most states so no, it’s really not on balance. You might want to read a little about the cost of living in NY before putting your two cents in.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. It’s ridiculous for someone to think that it’s really NOT more expensive. And I’m not so sure how much healthier it is to walk everywhere, when you’re breathing in the exhaust of 1,000,000 cars everywhere you go.

  • Jj

    Cute boys! I’d love to live in NY.

  • SiervaMaria

    I agree with her. Love NY and it’s just the perfect place “in my opinion.” It’s really a wonderful opportunity to introduce a child to the world because “the world lives in NYC.” The chance to bump up against nearly every culture on the planet exists there and I love it. It’s the most amazing place in the world as far as I’m concerned.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree about the culture. There are so many people in this country that lead homogenized lives. They have no idea that not everyone looks like them, sounds like them, dresses like them, etc.

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