Suri Cruise Verbally Attacked By Paparazzi

They called a 7-year-old what?

On Thursday (July 11), a paparazzo called Suri Cruise a “brat” – and another b-word that rhymes with witch – as she and her mother Katie Holmes headed to their car in New York City.

In the shocking video, Suri is seen annoyed by the paparazzi, and says, “Stop it…get out of the way.” At that point, a paprazzo calls her the above names.

Click here to see the disturbing video, posted by Fish Wrapper.

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What do you think of the above video?

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. MimiB

    Those papz are disgusting parasites

  2. anonymous

    That is just so rude and disgusting to call a child names. She didn’t ask for this life, to be bombarded by strange men calling her name, shouting and surrounding her whenever she leaves a building. It’s too bad the pap can’t be arrested for verbal harassment.

  3. nana

    he should be arrested for verbal harassment.

  4. Anonymous

    Let’s be honest, she was acting like a brat. Katie handled herself very well though.

    • AJ

      She spends every day of her life being crowded and followed and spoken to by strange people taking pictures of her and trying to talk to her. I don’t care how old or young someone is, they have the right to demand their personal space and safety. No wonder people like Nicole Ritchie and Halle Berry want anti-paparazzi laws and safety measures in place. Doesn’t make me feel particularly great about being on sites such as these either…

      • Pippa

        Hmmm….You say you dont feel great about being on this site, but it doesn’t make you feel bad enough to stay OFF of these sites. FYI, We are the reason those paps exist. If we stopped looking at this site, they wouldn’t be in Suri’s face. I mean, come on! its called CELEBRITY BABY SCOOP! There’s no “scoop” about it, it’s all pictures. Have you ever seen a story on here without a picture of a child? NO! You are all perpetuating it, so dont say that they shouldn’t be there in her face. You (and everyone else on this site) are the reason they are there at all. And me too. I dont deny it. But the difference with me is that i dont act all high and mighty and pretend that my actions dont affect other people. To everyone (not just AJ) who is saying its deplorable just remember, everything you do, affects the world around you, including clicking on a website or buying a trash mag. Oh, and one more thing… lighten up.

        • AJ

          When did I say I wasn’t perpetrating the behaviour of the paparazzi that we saw/heard in the video? I’m well aware of that fact. What I think is important is that it starts a discussion and causes people to think about their actions. Finding it inappropriate for a grown man to swear at a 7 year old girl and call her names while HE is the one in her personal space isn’t being on a “high horse,” it is having sense. I’m more than willing to admit that I’m part of the problem here, and I stopped buying rag mags a long time ago. Maybe my next step is less time on these sites.

        • Marianne


          Just because some of us like reading about celebrities doesn’t mean it’s ok to call a 7 year old a b*tch. She didn’t ask for this life. She doesn’t ask for the paps to surround her wherever she goes. She should be allowed to walk on the street without being harassed, thank you very much. The paps can get their pictures without being rude!

    • Alex.

      If you’ve seen the swarms of strange men that follow her, I think she has every right to be behaving the way she did. It’s scary for a young child, and it’s something she should never be comfortable with. I feel bad for her.

      • musiclover

        I agree…. and after years of seeing pics of this poor little girl hiding her face in her parents’ shoulders as the paps are screaming her name and bombarding her with flash bulbs, I kind of like that she had the courage to yell to the paps to stop it and get out of the way.

    • edeilo

      She wasn’t acting like a brat. She was acting like any child would if they were surrounded by strange ADULT men shoving cameras in their face and trying to get their attention so that they (the paps) can make some money off of it. She was annoyed and just wanted to get from the building to the car. Good for her, telling those disturbing men to leave her (a child) alone.

  5. winnie

    This is not unusual – these rabid monkeys swarm around Katie and her daughter every time they see them!!! Their interest in a young child is a little disturbing – Katie is the celebrity and the adult, but they are after the little girl??!!

  6. Anie

    They´re calling her spoiled brat and what not but they´re surly cashing on her pictures. Filthy creeps seriously!

  7. serena

    What horrible people. Don’t they have children? How dare they insult such a little girl? She may have famous parents but she has done nothing wrong and is way too little to hear such things. Awful.

  8. Anonymous

    I give the child props for having the gumption to stand up to all of them, basically telling them to just shove off.

    • Sharon B

      I, as have probably most of us, have watched this little girl from when she was born. From the pictures I’ve seen, she seems like nothing more than a normal little girl. I’m not sure how you qualify your statement unless you actually know these people? These men were in her face and in her way and, after years of this harassment, she finally lashed out. She didn’t ask for this. She just wants to be a 7 year old. You, Jj, are being mean and nasty and the only thing I can think that would be driving that would be pure jealousy. Just my opinion.

  9. Sweetpea

    This child is 7, not 17. No matter how annoyed she may be, she should not be yelling at adults that way. Katie should have told her to stop. Not that the paps were right either…he shouldn’t have verbally assaulted her. Katie should have put him in his place then and told him not to talk to her child that way. Both parties were wrong.

    • Anonymous

      So if an adult tries to molest her, she should just stand there and not yell at them? If an adult tries to kidnap her, too bad, she should just take it?

      Why are children NOT allowed to call out adults on their bad behavior???

  10. Jj

    You’re all calling the paps “parasites” etc. Don’t forget , you’re keeping them all in jobs by visiting this sites and other’s like it. Just sayin’

  11. Anonymous

    Honestly, suri has always seemed unlikeable to me, but its really not her fault ( I blame her parents and media). She is a small child with all these adults (mostly men) invading her personally space, they really don’t deserve the respect of an adult because an adult would not do that to a child. So really they are all on the same level, and I can’t blame the kid.

  12. Jessica

    OUT OF LINE! How disgusting!!! Suri has every right to tell them to leave them alone! All those people crowding her. She is 7 years old. Leave her be!! There needs to be a law set that the paparazzi can’t get within a certain amount of feet from celebrities and their children. You can’t tell them not to take pics but you certainly can make a law with distance!

  13. valerie

    In a different (non-celebrity) context, law enforcement would get involved, perhaps questioning the motives of grown men stalking and leering at a minor. The offence starts with “P”.

  14. Albus

    Ok i hadn´t seen the video. The one responsible to this showcase is Katie. You can´t control what the stupid paps would do or say but when she saw her daughter was yelling like that she should´ve calmed her down. There was no danger there. No one was pointing a gun at her. Eveyone (media, networks) will side Suri because no media dares to not side a celebrity. So now celebs will use their kids to yell at the paps? They know that having the kids yelling at them will make a bigger impact, and will make the paps look like more horrible creatures.

    Keep whining about paparazzi though. So many celebrities would be forgotten and left in the oblivion if it wasn´t for the paps shots. And yes, after seeing that video, Suri did behave like a BRAT. And Katie looked like she actually wanted that to happen cause she knew the kind of impact this would make. I´m not saying the paps are right. But Katie was not right either in letting this happen.

    I know im gonna get minuses, but that´s how i see it.

  15. anonymous

    His name is Giovanni Arnold. He was bragging on Twitter later about having called Suri a brat. He sounds like a total loser. He’s not a peer from the playground where you possibly might see a bit of name calling. He’s a grown man and a creepy one at that.

  16. Jj

    While I think he was wrong calling her names, Suri is an obnoxious brat. Would I call a child that to their face? Absolutely not. He’s right though and the video clip just proves it!

  17. Lizzie

    Hopefully Katie will sue press charges..

  18. Robin

    Poor suri. I blame Katie. I would have moved far away from New York to spare my child from that reality. Why she chooses to live there and subject suri to that craziness is beyond my comprehension.

  19. Sophia

    She’s a kid, if she’s seeing a sea of creepy adults yelling at her she’s probably going to raise her voice back at them, especially if she’s been hounded like this every day of her life. I don’t think she was acting like a brat, and certainly not a b*tch! And regardless of her behaviour, it’s totally uncalled for and inappropriate to refer to a little child in that way.

    • Albus

      True. But i do blame Katie for this. If you saw the video, she was yelling first before anyone called her names. She´s too young to be so direct at paparazzi that way. And for Katie to allowed this it´s ALSO uncalled for. Un less she´s like that with anyone who´s in her way, and she´s used to it. But seriously to me more than a ¨dangerous¨situation, it was ridiculous. It´s cleared she let this happen for everyone to see how ¨cruel¨ paparazzi are.

      To me celebrities are such hypocrites. They keep whining and whining about the paps, but they´ll sure freak out the day those people stop following them like starving dogs. Not to mention sites like this one wouldn´t exist.

  20. Wc

    I agree with Jj….she is a brat. Spoiled little rich girl. You can’t BUY manners.

  21. Doreen

    I really, really, really don’t like this girl, don’t know why. But…no one should attack a child. The problem are the parents and not the kids…

  22. SMH

    I think Suri probably is a brat just like most kids can be. My nephews are sweet one minute and brats the next. No kid is perfect. But no stranger should ever disrespect a little girl that way. No excuse. It’s childish and Suri is tired of being hounded by grown men calling her name. Have some respect.
    Yes we are all on this site for the same reason and yes maybe it’s wrong of us to glance at the photos of these kids but at the same time we are in our homes living our lives NOT making a living off of chasing celebrities. There will always be paparazzi around bc social media will never die out. Many celebs have managed to keep their kids out of the limelight so it’s not impossible for any of them to do it if they truly wanted to. But when you start belittling a child (and Suri heard him bc she turned around and staid stop it again) this is where I agree laws should be put into place to protect these kids!

  23. Sweetpea

    The way you act is how you get treated. She acted like a brat so that same attitude was thrown right back in her face.

  24. Olivia

    Calling her a brat is not fair at all. She has to deal with men with cameras in her face everyday! That’s a lot to handle for a adult, so imagine a 7 year old girl.

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