Ali Landry Welcomes Baby No. 3: Valentin Francesco

Congratulations to Ali Landry and Alejandro Monteverde.

The former model and actress, 39, and her director husband welcomed their third child — and son named  Valentin Francesco Monteverde – on Thursday, July 11, PEOPLE reports.

Baby Valentin was born in Los Angeles and weighed in at 9 lbs. The newborn joins big sister Estela, 6, and big brother Marcelo, 21 months.

The former beauty queen talked about naming the baby after the Pope.

“We got to meet the Pope and he blessed this baby. So part of the name might have something to do with our new Pope,” she said. “The other part of the name we came up with on our own.”

Ali opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop just before the arrival of baby Valentin, and admitted that their youngest child is too young to understand the excitement.

“We are all very excited for the new addition to our family to arrive with the exception of Marcelo who has no idea what is about to happen,” Ali shared. “We try to explain to him about having a baby, and that the baby is living in my belly, but he insists that my my belly is a ball.”

And it sounds like she had a joyous pregnancy, once again.

“This pregnancy like my others has been amazing,” she gushed. “The only difference is that Marcelo is still very young, he won’t yet be two when the baby is born, and he is very attached to me and wants to be held most of the time. Holding him with my growing belly has not been the easiest thing, but I just can’t bear to say no to him.”

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  • Destiny

    Francesco Valentine sounds better in my opinion, but I bet he’s a cute little guy!

  • Joey

    Or Valentino Francesco….but I’m sure he’s cute like his siblings.

    • Danielle

      Valentine is very cute, but I agree. Love Valentino more!!

  • Rosemary

    They sure make cute kids

  • yep

    Valentine is a girl’s name in French (but I know, they are not French, so who cares)

  • Someone

    I think Valentin sounds better but that’s JMO. They are such a good looking couple

  • SMH

    Agree love Valentino…..Valentine is more a girls name to me. But he could just get Val which I like.

  • Joyce

    On her twitter she says ”Enjoying my beautiful baby boy this morning, Valentin Fracesco Monteverde. He is so sweet. I am so in love:)”. So maybe is Valentin Francesco… Love them!

  • Kristina

    Estela and Valentina share the same birthday! Lol

    • Kristina

      * Valentine 😉

  • anonymous

    Maybe it is Valentin which makes more sense. Anyway I like the name. Beautiful family.

  • Anne

    I hope it’s Valentin and not Valentine : it’s a girls name!!!

  • Destiny

    Saint Valentine was male. Just saying.

  • Cecilia

    Pope John Paul II visited my hometown before I was born. My mom & dad took my brother to the outdoor mass he was giving and it was a nice reprieve from finding out she still could not get pregnant again. They went and the pope blessed the crowd and all they prayed for was that they would have another baby. A few weeks later my parents found out they were finally pregnant. I’m not very religious but I do think it a cool story. I am more inclined to believe it was a lot of luck and chance but they are both certain that if he hadn’t blessed her I wouldn’t be here. If I had been a boy I would have been named John and as far as conception(eww) related baby names, that is much better than the name of the city in my opinion!

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