Ellen Pompeo & Stella: NYC Stroll

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo was photographed with daughter Stella, nearly 4, on Friday (July 12). The actress, 43, pushed her preschooler in the stroller as they made their way through New York City.

“It is challenging,” Ellen has said of juggling motherhood and her career.

“You know, I have my days where I feel really guilty that I’ve been here every day if I have to work a lot,” she added. “But the truth is I’m in a very blessed situation, I am so lucky. First of all, I am so lucky to live in a country where a girl like me can make this kind of living, achieve her dreams and reach her goals. And I don’t think anywhere else in the world can girls have the freedom that we do here to have these amazing careers and be mothers.”

Stella’s father is Ellen’s husband of five years, music producer Chris Ivery.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Doreen

    Really? Almost 4 years old and still in a stroller?

    • Anonymous

      Really? A grown adult who cares whether someone pushes their kid in a stroller?

    • amanda

      I believe Ellen lives in L.A., maybe she feels more comfortable with her daughter in a stroller. Given all the traffic in N.Y.; not to say that L.A. doesn’t have traffic, it’s just not all around you when your on the sidewalk.

  • musiclover

    When you are in NYC you tend to do a WHOLE LOT of walking, and s 4 yr-old is likely to your out after a while…pushing them in a stroller is easier than carrying them.

    • musiclover

      Tire out, not “your” out

  • Jj

    At least she’s not still sucking on a pacifier for once!

  • Sophia

    The thing that bothers me about this site is the judgment that commenters cast on people they’ve never met for the way they parent/dress etc. Does it really bother you that much if Ellen pushes her kid in a stroller? Have you ever tried walking more than a block with a preschooler? Little legs get tired easily and it takes about five times as long as it needs to to get anywhere (“I’m tired!” “I don’t want to walk anymore!” “Wait for me!”). All I was going to comment on was how beautiful little Stella is! I love her hair!

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