Eric Dane & His Summer School Sweetie

Eric Dane was seen picking up Billie, 3, from school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (July 11).  His other daughter – Georgia, 1, – wasn’t with them.

The actor recently told Glamour how pretty his wife Rebecca Gayheart is stating, “She gets prettier every day I wake up next to this woman. I’m not kidding. When you marry somebody, and that woman provides you with two beautiful little girls, you just automatically become prettier and prettier.”

The Last Ship star added, “She’s a real woman. She’s real strong and sometimes that sort of comes in a form of stubborn, and I deal with it because the flip side to that is that she’s tough and got convictions and sticks by them, and she just ups my stock. And she’s gorgeous.”

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  1. v-girl

    Isn’t it strange how this child’s hair never seems to grow?!!

    • Gemi


      My niece was the same way. Completely bald till about aged 2, then it came in very slowly. She is in third grade now with super curly beautiful thick long hair.

    • tlp

      It probably does grow, but it might be SO curly that it just grows outward, and not down her back. Similar to the way that an African-American’s hair often grows.

      As she gets older, she can experiment with relaxers or hair irons or blowouts… but you don’t do that to a small child. Better to just keep it cut short for now, to keep it under control.

      I say this from experience, as someone with very curly hair!

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