Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Just Married

Newlyweds Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were photographed arriving into the Los International Airport on Tuesday (July 16). While her stepfather carried her, Nahla, 5, shied away from the nearby paparazzi in the busy terminal.

The couple – who are expecting a son together – recently tied the knot during a private ceremony at a castle in France.

The ceremony, performed by a local mayor, took place in the Renaissance complex about an hour’s drive south of Paris. Reportedly, the celebrations extended well into the evening.

This marks the third marriage for the Academy Award-winning actress, who previously wed David Justice in 1993 and Eric Benét in 2001.

The handsome couple were engaged in March 2012, when Halle was first seen wearing an elegant diamond-and-emerald engagement ring.

Olivier revealed the ring’s designer is a “real artist” Robert Mazlo, a jeweler from his Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood in Paris, and has been designing jewelry for “kings and queens for many centuries.”

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Photo credit: akm-gsi, fameflynet

  • Isabella

    Her new French hubby seems way to touchy feely with Nahla in my opinion he should remember he is not the father. One hears such horrible stories about step-parents these days.

    • anonymous

      You’re really strange to even think something like that. Don’t put your own bad experiences onto innocent people.

    • Anonymous

      SO? Is Halle supposed to carry Nahla? I’m pretty sure that Nahla is in safe hands when in Olivier’s care. Will you be insinuating the same thing when/if Gabriel finds a significant other?

    • Jesse

      You are so right Isabella! Even Dr.Phil said that when a man is with a girl that isn’t his own biological relative and he isn’t dating/marrying her that the sexual abuse rate for the girl by the man is 33 times higher than average.

      • Anonymous

        What an insult to step-fathers everywhere! Sheeesh. Who’s Dr. Phil to talk about men being perv’s. BOTH of his son’s have chosen (out of all the eligible young accomplished women in the world) not just date, but to marry PORN actresses! HE and Robin seemed to have raised themselves some sexual deviants. I wonder how long before we here about his secret sexual lifestyle.

  • anonymous

    You sound like a real wacko. If a child is tired and sleepy you carry her. What else are they supposed to do? Strap her to a suitcase? Get a life and you won’t be so eager to make dumb comments.

  • cb

    wow that comment sure came out of left field !!!!

  • Anonymous

    What’s going on with Halle chest is it a bruised or is it somthing eles.

  • Alyson

    looks like a painted tattoo on her chest…henna tattoo I think they call them?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think that’s a henna tattoo. Henna tattoo are made up of complex designs matters, Ive gotten a henna tattoo many time and mine never look like this before or after it stated to fade. What ever Halle has on her chest is a big blob and is the color of a bruise yellow and purple.

      • Anonymous

        Are you insane? That’s clearly some kind of tattoo or decoration. Look at the close up, it even has glitter!

        • anonymous

          You get these kind of people posting on here. Dumb as posts. You wonder how they survive through the day with so little intelligence.

  • Shelbe

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their marriage. They make a lovely family.

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