If you were Kate Middleton…

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All of a sudden, I’m excited about Kate Middleton’s baby.

I remember this feeling from when she was about to marry Prince William. In the months leading up to the big day I barely followed the romance. But then there I sat with my eyes glued to the TV; tears gushing down my face as she walked down the aisle in a fairytale world.

So even though I’m slightly obsessed with pregnancy and babies, I still didn’t follow the millions of chatter streams about the pending birth in the royal family.

Then my mom arrived into town last week. She loves this stuff! When do you think she’ll have her baby?


Kate. Because obviously, we’re all on a first name basis with the Duchess.

With my mom’s enthusiasm and all of this anticipation seeping on every channel, I’m finally getting excited. What must it feel like to be Kate Middleton right now? I remember the days before my first baby. Everyone — EVERYONE — is asking you ”How are you feeling?” or “Will today be the big day?” and I just wanted to run and hide…or have my baby!

The BabyCenter community is buzzing with excitement in the group Royal Baby Watch with engaging discussions including a fun “If you were Kate Middleton…” series.

What would it be like to be Kate Middleton just about to give birth to the Prince or Princess — did I mention I hope it’s a princess!! — of Cambridge? Let’s imagine together what we’d be doing and thinking if we were in her beautiful shoes…it’s July, though, so she may be barefoot or wearing some really proper slippers!

After all, we need something to keep us busy as we await the big news!!

Click here to join the fun in the Royal Baby Watch group!

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