Mayim Bialik Tells How Her Boys Reacted To Emmy Nomination

Mayim Bialik has blogged a funny story on how she found out about her second Emmy nomination. The Big Bang Theory actress – who has sons Miles, 7, and Fred, 4, – is up for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series.

She writes: “Here’s how it all shook down. This past week, my boys and I were staying at my mother-in-law’s house in San Jose. Yes, I’m divorced, but I can’t call her my “ex mother-in-law.” It sounds too weird and we love each other and love the boys and it’s all so good and fine and it was a great week. So that’s that.”

She goes on to say, “My boys woke up about a half hour after all of this shook down, and I told my older son I got nominated and his eyes just about bugged out of his head. He repeated my words in a whisper, as if repeating a secret incantation: “Whaaaat? You got nominated?? Can I tell Safta?!” It’s only very recently that I explained to him that as an actor, we get nominated for an award and that’s called the Emmys. He woke his Safta and told her and she was groggy but very excited.”

However Fred wasn’t too enthusiastic.

“Then my beloved younger son had a series of total freak-outs over literally everything in the Universe: not enough toys to play with, his brother playing with what he wanted to, his Playmobil police man not fitting into the Fischer Price helicopter without being all “loosey goosey” (which he pronounces “woozy goosey” so that’s super cute)… He had a variety of other meltdowns all morning until we left for the airport. It was stellar. I had a good deal of patience, but I also felt like my head was in a gazillion places and I couldn’t gauge if I was under-reacting or overreacting at any given impasse. I decided we should pack up and leave the house which was the source of all of the toy madness and meltdowns.”

Talking to People magazine recently – she admitted that her boys have never seen her work.

She confessed, “I think they’ve seen a commercial. It kind of freaked my older son out. His jaw was on the floor.”

“I don’t show them television, “she explained. “I feel when they’re closer to the age I was when I was in Beaches, for example, I would love to show them what my life was like then, but there’s so many other things about me that I think are more interesting, important and sometimes annoying to them. I think that’s enough of an identity.”

In another interview with US – she shared her thoughts on attachment parenting. Bialik – who stopped breastfeeding Fred earlier this year – stated, “If I’m talking to girlfriends, if I’m talking to random people, and we’re talking about parenting, I tell them what works for me and why. But a lot of people want to ask me things so that they can fight with me.

“And just because I’m a public person, who happened to have breastfed and slept with her kids, that doesn’t mean that I want to fight with you on the street or in the supermarket. So, I think you have to be really careful to understand why people want to know what they want to know. Obviously the notion of an older child nursing is very strange to some people. In certain cultures it’s not. And I was very careful about when and how I chose to breastfeed my older child. …I think the notion of breastfeeding at all is still very controversial in some circles.”

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  • Anonymous

    “I tell them what works for me and why”

    In other words, she’s not preaching that everyone should do every single thing she’s done. Do what works for you and stop putting other people down because their ideas and beliefs are different than yours.

    Words to live by.

  • Adele

    She’s just awesome!

  • Robin

    Love her.

  • djb

    Hope she wins. She’s awesome as Amy Fairfowler. 🙂

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