Kate Middleton & Prince William Welcome A Son

It’s a prince!

Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 31, have welcomed their first child, a son, PEOPLE confirms. 

The world has been waiting for months to hear the royal baby news. And Monday morning, the Duchess of Cambridge went into labour and was admitted at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. After approximately four hours, the Duchess gave birth.

In the press release, it stated that a son was born to the royal couple at 4:24 p.m., weighing 8 lbs., 6 oz.

The waiting crowds celebrated near St. Mary’s, and theatrical presentation of the birth news will be placed on an easel on the Buckingham Palace forecourt. A gun salute in the royal parks is expected to follow.

The new arrival is third in line to the throne, following the baby’s father, William, and (first-in-line) grandfather, Prince Charles.

We can’t wait to catch our first glimpse of the royal tot!

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  • laura

    Awwww, I can’t wait to hear the name!
    I’m so happy for them! I bet the baby prince is going to be really handsome.

  • elizabeth

    Yay!!!! I was so hoping it would be a girl named Elizabeth.. hehe 😉

  • lisa smifth

    I really want them to name him Harry after his uncle.

    • DanSy

      His uncle’s real name is Henry actually, Harry is a pet name lol
      Congrats to them!!!

  • klutzy_girl

    Yay! Really can’t wait to hear his name.

  • jane

    PEOPLE confirms? That’s your source? How about the palace announcement.

    Congrats to Wills and Kate. 🙂

  • Sweetpea

    I guessed a boy too! Congratulations! The little prince is here 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping it would be a girl because she would make history (being the 3rd in line for the throne despite if they later had a boy), but either way happy for them!

    • Olivia

      How rude of you.

      • Rose

        There was nothing rude about the previous posters comment. Chill out.

      • LIMom

        Rude? For wishing for a girl?
        Get over it, it’s far from rude.

    • Anon

      Well, if it’s any comfort, the Queen is making enough history all on her own.

  • Poppy


  • Lizzie

    I think they should name him Spencer!! It was Diana’s last name. (And I’m biased because I like that name)

    • your mom

      I thought that too.

    • Poppy

      No future king will be named Spencer, it’s impossible. And I guess it’s good, some traditions are meant to be kept.

      Though Spencer is a great name

  • Martha

    Our future King!!

  • SMH

    I kind of wanted a baby girl named Diana but l had a feeling it would be a boy. I think the name will be obviously traditional hopefully not charles!

    • Anon

      The baby will probably have 4 or 5 names anyway. Charles might be one of them…

      Personally, I would love it if he could be Prince Arthur, but doubt that’s gonna happen 🙂

  • Anonymous

    So happy for the lovely couple…can’t wait to hear the little prince’s name! I was hoping for a baby girl so they could use the name Diana to honor his late mother, but since it’s a boy, maybe they’ll use her maiden name, Spencer, which is very cute.

  • Jennifer

    I’m very happy for them! He will be so adorable!!!!! I think I heard that George might be a possible name option….

  • me

    What does the “royal family” even do? Aren’t they the same thing as America’s First Family…So why are they “royalty”?

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