First Glimpse Of The Royal Baby

Meet the Prince of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were seen heading home with their day-old son. Looking every bit the proud new parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen departing St. Mary’s Hospital in London, England on Tuesday (July 23).

“We’re still working on a name,” Prince William told reporters gathered outside the hospital.

The radiant new mom looked lovely in a bespoke cornflower blue crepe-de-chine dress by British designer, Jenny Packham, while her royal hubby wore a matching color blue button-down shirt.

Pausing for the crowd, William said of his new son, “He’s good a got pair of lungs that’s for sure, he’s a big boy.” When asked, he said the baby has “her looks, thankfully.”

As for his head of hair, “He has way more than me, thank God,” said Prince William.

“He’s done his first nappy [diaper],” Kate said of the royal dad.

What a lil’ royal cutie! Any guesses on a baby name?

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  • Chane

    Beatiful family! Congrats (: I wonder if they would wear pink outfits if the baby would have been a girl 😉

    • KitKat

      I was thinking the exact same thing about their clothes 😀

  • klutzy_girl

    He’s so cute and I can’t wait to hear his name!

  • laura

    Lovely, they’re all really radiant! I hope they can have some privacy now!

  • Annie

    How brave to walk out in a crowd in full hair&makeup, and have to put on a smile, just hours after giving birth! I feel for her!

    • Meliss

      I was thinking the same. I had a rough delivery and would have had to be wheeled out onto those front steps. Thank goodness all went well. I felt so emo watching the video of them. haha So happy to see Diana’s boys doing so well.

  • SMH

    Kate looked absolutely beautiful so much so I want to puke lol. What a beautiful family. I do hope they get privacy. I get he is the “royal” baby but he’s just a baby. People give birth everyday. Let them have their privacy now with their new baby boy!

  • Belinda

    God Bless Kate, William and their sweet bundle of JOY!

  • Anonymous

    The epitome of class. What a gorgeous couple. What a difference between them and the Kardashians. Here, this girl just gave birth and is showing the world her baby and not trying to make a buck from it and yet Kim is (I’m sure) going to sell her kids picture for money. What worlds apart they are.

    • Rose

      Why does every post about the royal baby have to include a mention of the Kardashians? It’s getting ridiculous. Go find a Kardashian article and whine about how much you hate them there, if you must – but please stop posting about then under articles that have nothing to do with them.

  • Ly

    They are so blessed!

  • Elektra

    So happy for them. I can’t wait to hear what name they choose!

  • Emily

    Kate is so beautiful and radiant. She looks amazing hours after giving birth! I was so exhausted (not that she isn’t) but I didn’t even want out of my hospital gown and after my episiotomy- I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom! She looks great, heels and all! Congrats to them, can’t wait to hear his name.

  • mrs. trumbell

    kate is so pretty.

  • Tiffany

    It’s almost refreshing that they just walked out of that place like, ‘Yep, here’s our kid!” They both look insanely happy. Awww for them, they’re so cute.

  • Amy

    I, personally, hope that the sweet, new, little prince has Francis or Spencer in his name. I think he will, given how much Prince William loves his mother. I just think it would be such a sweet way to honor Princess Diana <3

  • Chane

    His name is Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, what I really really like. It’s very short for a royal’s name 😉

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