Lisa Kudrow’s Kid Cops An Attitude, and She Loves It

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Lisa Kudrow‘s son Julian is 15 years old — and totally acts like it. While this may not seem unusual, the part that took her by surprise was that the change in attitude seems to have occurred all of a sudden.

Admitting that the entire notion of her only child growing up and getting behind the wheel of a car freaks her out, the 49 year old recalled her own driving mishaps to David Letterman. “I was very responsible,” she insisted. “Even though I was really good, I still crashed my car in a parking lot. No one was hurt but you have accidents and stuff. I can’t breathe. You said 16 and I can’t breathe.”

The Web Therapy star, know to many of us as Phoebe from Friends, went on to share that Julian’s teenager-ness is a recent development.

“He went away for a couple of weeks and now it’s like I’m the most annoying person on the planet,” Lisa Kudrow explained. “Everything I say is, ‘I don’t know’. And then when he remembers to be sweet, so if I ask him a question and I get like a, ‘Uh, I don’t know … love you.’ But sometimes the ‘love you’ sounds more like ‘get out’ or worse!”

Despite her son’s new impatience for her, she added, “I think it’s really funny. I love that, it’s like, ‘Oh finally (he’s a teenager).’ That’s normal, that’s really good.’”

Did she just say really good? I’m going to have to beg to differ, and characterize my older son’s teenager-type moments as both really funny and a little scary.

Just yesterday my 8 year old walked in the door after day camp with his hat slightly askew, copped an attitude when told it was time for chores and — get this — wobbled his head side-to-side at me. I couldn’t help but laugh before asking him if his head was starting to come loose, then instructed him to go take a 10 minute break and we’d try that interaction again.

Good golly, I’m afraid it’s going to be a bumpy ride through teenager land.

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