Jennifer Garner & Her Girls Step Out To School

Jennifer Garner and Violet, 7, brought Seraphina, 4, to school in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Wednesday (July 24).

Rumors of a baby bump won’t die down since the actress was again wearing loose clothing. Her navy sweater over her dress made her belly pop out a little.

Earlier this year she told The Telegraph that she’s happy being at home with the kids.

“I definitely work less because Ben is so busy but we have three kids, that’s just part of the deal. I want to be a mom. I’m happy for him that he’s as energized about work right now as he is. He should be out there doing it. That’s just what makes sense for our family.”

This year Jennifer worked on Dallas Buyers Club and Draft Day. She’s also set to be in Imagine.

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  • Emma

    School? Isn’t it summer break for everyone.

    • Gemi

      I guess many schools in the area run all year round…with numerous long breaks.

    • Cecilia

      Many schools are on a year round schedule with more small breaks scattered throughout instead of the traditional schedule. The Fall-Spring school year was never about the best way for kids to be educated, it was about being in sync with the agricultural cycle so children would be out of school and could help in the fields during summer harvest. We just grew accustomed to it being the way to go, but there are people and studies that show year round is as good if not a better option.

      • Anonymous

        I always thought it was because the older schools didn’t have central air and it was too hot during the summer to sit in class all day.

        • Cecilia

          That is absolutely and it was a contributing reason to having the summer off, but not the predominant one. There were many other reasons supporting the Fall-Spring school year. Usually young girls taught during the summer as opposed to older (better educated) men who taught in the other terms so the summer was considered “weak” learning. Also, wealthy families needed one large break instead of many small ones in order to go on vacation. Travelling could take days if not weeks so short breaks would mean they could not go anywhere on vacation. A big one that has been disproven was that medical doctors said it would be harmful for children to be in school year round without a large break away.

          All that said, the reasons most schools are still in the Fall-Spring school year have evolved and it would be a major disruption and hardship for everyone to switch to year round. However, for schools that are able and parents who choose to go that route because it fits their style, it has possible benefits.

    • mrs. trumbell

      lots of schools have summer camps……

  • klutzy_girl

    I can see why people think she is – Jen kinda does look pregnant – but I doubt it. Both she and Ben have said three kids are enough and they don’t want anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Right, and I’m sure they’d tell us if they were planning on having another.

  • Kenzie

    Does ANYBODY else see how much this little girl looks like Anna Paquin?

    • Sophia

      Yes! I never really thought about it before but now that you mention it I don’t know how I ever missed it!

  • anonymous

    Isn’t it enough we have had to continually endure the Jennifer Aniston baby rumors on a regular basis over the last 10 years; last week Aniston rested her hand on her stomach (which flared up the celebrity sites again) and now it’s starting up with Jennifer Garner because her top is a little bulky. So now it will be 10 years of Jennifer Garner false baby bump rumors….stop already!

  • Anonymous

    She looks very pregnant as least in the first picture. And not for anything but she needs to let Violet wear an undershirt. You can almost see through her shirt. Just saying.

    • A

      It looks like a leotard, so maybe she had just come from dance or gymnastics. You would never wear an undershirt under a leotard!

    • may

      I don’t think it’s celebrity contributing to this world of thin people it’s all you jerks. One minute Leanne rimes is too thin and looks gross, then Jennifer Garner is pregnant cause she’s had three kids and doesn’t have a perfect body. I feel sorry for our children, because with all you people out there hating and judging our children will grow up thinking it’s okay. AND IT’S NOT. Take a look around, we have one life to live, do you really want to waste it judging and hating on others?

  • Moo

    She just looks like a woman who has had three kids, and isn’t sucking her tummy in, to me.

    • laura

      Exactly: she just has a little belly, and that’s totally normal, since she’s 41 and had 3 kids.. 🙂 I’m just glad to see a normal looking celebrity and I don’t think they’ll have other babies. A part from the fact that they said they wouldn’t and that 3 is already a handful, they’re not so young anymore!

  • mrs. trumbell

    jennifer looks exactly the same as she did in april. when this speculation started. RME

  • Elli

    I love Violets purse she has been using it a lot… Love how Jen Matched Vi’s purse and shoes.. Thanks CBScoop!

  • Anonymous

    “Rumors of a baby bump won’t die down” – so we at this site have decided to continue to perpetuate them!

  • Anne

    This does not look like Violet’s school, she attends Carl Thorpe School and they don’t go back until September 2nd. This is probably a summer program

  • Jen

    She’s stated out loud they aren’t having anymore. To me it looks like love handles. good grief the woman ahs had three kids. She’s not going to look like the abnormal “skinny one week after baby” types like Gisele.

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