Denise Richards’ Beverly Hills Brood

Charlie’s angels!

Mom-to-many Denise Richards was spotted with daughters Sam, 9, and Lola, 7, and 4-year-old twin brothers Max and Bob Sheen in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday (July 25). Joined by the bodyguard, the hands on mom-to-many was spotted at the park where she gave the kids a frozen treat.

Denise’s daughters – minus 2-year-old Eloise – went California chic in their tees, flip flops and bright colors. And how cute are the twins’ new hairdos?!

The twins, whose father is Charlie Sheen, are currently in the custody of Denise while their mom, Charlie’s third ex-wife Brooke Mueller, is in rehab for prescription drug abuse.

Brooke has been at the facility — her 19th rehab stint — since May.

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Love the twins’ new hair, cute!


Such an interesting situation. I remember when she was accusing Charlie Sheen of all manner of dirty deeds and wanted the courts to keep him away from their daughters and now she’s got custody of his kids by another woman! Hey, whatever it takes to give those kids some sense of security and love and they look happy. Some couples are at their best simply as friends and I think this is a perfect example of that.


Why does she have a bodyguard?

My husband and I are in a similar situation with his sister. She got caught up in drugs and is in rehab currently so my husband and I took control of their 6 and 4 year old daughters. We already have four children (aged 8, 7, 3, and 1) but we love them like our own and would do anything for them, even become their Mommy and Daddy. The only thing different in our situation is that his sister has consented and signed over permanent custody to us because she is not interested in being a mom… So sad. And… Read more »

Laura, what you and your husband are doing for these two little girls is amazing. Hope they’ll stay with you
they’ll have a chance to have a normal childhood
God bless people like you. I really admire you both


Can they please just give her permanent custody of the boys already? Brooke’s obviously not going to get clean and Denise seems a stable influence.


She is more of a parent to those boys than either Brooke or Charlie, I.e.., the dead beat sperm and egg donors (which is all they are). Kudos to her for taking on that responsibility and making sure those kids have a chance. I really admire her for that.


She’s awesome. Those kids are lucky she stepped in to give them some stability in their lives.


Where is the baby she adopted? It has dropped out of sight since the boy came to live with her. Just saying.


Denise is awesome 🙂


Don’t get me wrong, I truly admire what she does but am I dreaming or do we ever see Eloise with them since the twins joined the family? I guess it’s hard to take 5 kids out, but it always seems to be the 4 older with her…


Seeing these pics, and knowing that those little guys are happy and have stability in their lives… makes me smile. Way to go, Denise! 🙂


Okay, so Brooke is mess and in rehab. But where the hell is Charlie Sheen? He’s not poor or disabled or drug addicted (anymore) or a teenager or lacking extended family to help him. So how is it that he can’t take care of his own kids and have Denise as a backup? Oy vey! I just don’t get it. Denise and the poster above are incredible people for what they are doing.


I hope the boys can grow up with their sisters in the stable environment Denise has provided. Denise seems like such a strong person, and a great role model!

lu linha
i think denise is an amazing woman, her reality show was funny and “real”, i think she has a big heart and she’s a good mum, a few years before i was alone, with my daughter and a depression, was really sad, now im a married woman, and my years old daughter has an amazing(step) father, we r a family, im telling that ’cause watching her and how strong she is (my parents died) i became stronger and since then im a more confident woman, always i pray for her and her family. some famous people are a really stars… Read more »

Denise is to be admired for keeping brothers and sisters together as a family. They all seem happy and healthy. (all that counts) Why do the girls never have their hair done? Most of the time their hair doesn’t even look brushed. I am sure Denise has several nannies and Denise is always camera ready. A nanny or their mother can’t care for their hair? Denise was granted a very large divorce settlement so money or time isn’t the problem.


Shut up, please, and stop being so picky about non-issues.


Lola is 8, not 7