Have Josh & Fergie Duhamel Announced a Baby Name?

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Josh Duhamel played coy this week after revealing that he and wife Fergie are expecting a baby boy at the end of summer.

While Fergie officially changed her name from Stacy Ferguson to Fergie Duhamel just recently, this celebrity couple chooses to “keep it within the family” when it comes to naming their little tyke.  READ THE ARTICLE: Josh & Fergie Duhamel’s Baby’s Name Will Be …

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  • anon

    Stacy Ferguson to Fergie Duhamel? Wow. Would’ve imagined it would be Stacey Duhamel

    • Tracy

      I think she legally changed to fergie Duhamel

  • Anonymous

    I could be completely wrong but I don’t expect a really “out there” name from them. I’m kind of thinking they’ll choose something a little more traditional.

  • sharon

    His name should be Ferguson Joshua Duhamel.

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