Hugh Jackman: My Kids Won’t Admit I’m Cool

Even though Hugh Jackman’s movie The Wolverine is a hit at the box office – his kids aren’t too wowed over his success. According to People – the actor said that Oscar, 13, and Ava, 8, resist the urge to act like his biggest fans.

He said at The MOMS’ Mamarazzi event on Wednesday, “They’re not going to give that up to me. They’re not going to be like, ‘Yeah Dad, you’re the coolest! My son actually saw the movie, and I asked him what he thought, and he begrudgingly goes, ‘Oh, awesome.’”

The actor added, “He’s at that age where it can be embarrassing. He’s now like, ‘Can you please stop talking about me? This is killing my reputation. He wants me to be his dad. He doesn’t like when we get stopped on the street or when people recognize me.”

The 44-year-old also shared that Oscar is going to be an artist while Ava would be content “handling animals, cooking, singing and poetry.”

“That’s the great thing about parenting,” says Jackman, “You end up going places you never thought you’d go.”

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  1. Cecilia

    If I told my kids they had a choice between telling me I am cool or cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, they would just start arguing over which one of them had to clean the toilet. Their minds wouldn’t even process the alternative.

  2. hopper

    This whole my kids won’t admit I’m Cool . Is so very lame . the very opposit of cool in fact. He seems to be a nice man but this statement is boggling .

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