Jennifer Garner & Violet: Local Food Lovers

Jennifer Garner and Violet, 7, spent time together at a farmer’s market in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday (July 28). The two shopped for flowers, vegetables and juices.

Violet carried her pink purse as well as some of their purchases.

Garner is currently filming Imagine with Al Pacino.

According to – the story is about an aging 1970s rock star who is still packing arenas and living a decadent life with a girlfriend way too young for him. On his 64th birthday, he discovers an undelivered letter written to his 19-year-old self from his hero John Lennon. He also tries to reconnect with the 40-year-old son he’s never known. Jennifer plays Pacino’s daughter-in-law.

Ben Affleck is busy on a new project too. He’ll be working in David Fincher’s adaptation of the Gillian Flynn-penned best seller Gone Girl.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI


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  1. Anonymous

    Violet looks like a homeless waif.

  2. rose

    violet is really tall for her age..and she is getting prettier each day..

  3. musiclover

    Ok…. maybe after these pics people will stop saying Jen is pregnant~

    • klutzy_girl

      Doubt it, especially because of the first picture. It could be the wind and it probably is, but the rumors are still there.

      And she’s pregnant in her new movie so it’s going to be even harder to tell. LOL.

      Still don’t believe she is, although again, can see why the rumors have started again.

      • Elisabeth

        @klutzy_girl You’re right–that photo does look like she has a baby belly. It could wind or just some extra weight but I don’t know….the only time she has ever carried extra weight is when she is pregnant (or just had a baby). Even back into her early twenties, she was always thin so I can why the rumors are going 🙂

    • SiervaMaria

      I believe she’s pregnant and so what? Good on them if it’s true. They’re great parents to the three they have and so why does it bother anyone that I believe she’s going to have another baby? It’s really freaking irritating that ppl get bent about anyone thinking and especially since I’m thinking it on a site called “!”. Its really a head scratcher.

      • Anonymous

        What’s really irritating is people like you assuming that anyone whose stomach bulges the tiniest bit are pregnant. You are the problem.

        • SiervaMaria

          But in the grand scheme of life, why in the H are you and the other -13+ allowing yourself to be irritated by my opinion?! That’s what the freak is nutso! So what if I voice that I believe she’s pregnant?! Is your life that in need of something to be irked about that you let that do the trick? Get over it! Dmn. What is wrong with you?! Grow up. You want something to be concerned about, there are plenty of people who need someone go get irritated that they don’t have food or shelter!

          • InTouch

            You visit this post multiple times to spout your opinion on this non-issue, yet you think that it’s other people who need to get over themselves?

            Alright then…………..

          • SiervaMaria

            Yeah, InTouch, I visited multiple times to take issue with ppl like you who think they can talk AT me and think I’m not supposed to respond. You DO know “you” responded. Check yourself before trying to check me.

  4. lauryn

    This kid is so cute and so down to earth! she looks like all the little girls I have in my school who are her age…. She is wearing comfortable clothes she can play in instead of fashion stuff… Love it!

  5. Tiffany

    Wow, I cannot believe how tall Violet is getting. Jennifer is definitely not pregnant since these rumors have been going around for months, she would have to be at least 5 months by now. I think some days she was bloated, she is over 40 and unfortunately that happens and eating healthy alot gives you a flat stomach and that one day you splurge you get a little belly. Her children are so beautiful, all three of them.

  6. Ellen

    Violet is cute. Love her dimples.

  7. Elisabeth

    I love this cute family! I do wonder if she might be pregnant as she has gained a bit of weight?? You can see it in her legs when you look at past photos (say from March–the Huckleberry breakfast set). She still looks fabulous though! I would love to hear that she is expecting again–her children are adorable and she seems like such a great mom. 🙂 Then again, maybe she is human and just gained a bit of weight? Only time will tell.

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