Kourtney Kardashian: Lunchin’ In Calabasas

Kourtney Kardashian, her grandmother Mary, Mason, 3, and Penelope, 1, went out for lunch in Calabasas, Calif. on Sunday (July 28). The family ate at Marmalade Cafe.

Looks like Kourtney made sure she and the kids matched in black and white clothes.

Penelope turned one on July 9 and had a big party in her honor on July 14.

The celebration was no small affair. The party was planned by Sharon Sachs and included up to 150 family and friends. Kourtney posted photos of herself with the giant Geranimo balloons that cost $150 each.

Kourtney tweeted: “Happy 1st birthday to my sweet precious angel. I can not believe it has been a year. Truly blessed.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Sweetpea

    Penelope looks so much like Mason!!!!

  2. HDP

    I have to say – it’s so refreshing to see a Kardashian sister dressed down, they are all gorgeous girls, but they really try way too hard most of the time, and they actually look better in average clothes and a lot less makeup!

  3. Olivia

    Penelope is growing so quickly these days. She’s very cute!

  4. missme?

    C’mon now, seriously, these kids are hideous! there really is nothing cute about them.

  5. Anonymous

    I agree with missme? There is nothing cute about these kids whatsoever. Penelope looks like a boy and does not have a cute face at all. And Mason has got the ugliest, stringiest hair.

  6. anonymous

    If you don’t say all kids on this site are cute, your comment will be deleted. What a joke.

    • jool

      But why on earth would you look at pictures of a child you don’t find cute, and why would you feel the need to comment on it to say that you don’t find the child cute. (and by the way, a lot of comment about children not being cute stay on the website… Only the very disrepectful one are erased)

      What do you expect people to do?? Applause? Create a group ” I don;t find that child cute”? Gather near the kids house and scream hateful things? Raise money to pay him/her an operation??

      If you don’t find a child cute, don’t look at the pictures. And stay polite, don;t comment on someoe else looks if it is to say nasty things.

      • @ jool

        The same can be said for you if you don’t like someone’s comment skip it and go to the next one.

      • missme?

        and if you don’t like the comments then don’t read them. who made you the official moderator on this? ever hear of freedom of speech? these classless money and famehungry excuse of human beings parade their ugly offspring around for more money and more fame and are asking for it. compared to most of the other “celebrity kids” they are really not very photogenic to say the least and I’m being nice about it.

  7. Gemi

    Wow, Penelope is starting to look more and more like Mason. I think they are both so cute, very strong eyebrows!

  8. CJ

    I can only hope my second will look as much like my first as Penelope looks like Mason. Wow! The resemblance is spot on!

  9. lindamom

    Hmmm… I always thought baby Penelope was very pretty …. big brown eyes and supercute face… thats why i dont get these comments of people saying shes not cute ?!? Shes a lovely girl !

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