Denise Richards & Kids: Day At The Beach

Denise Richards had her hands full on Wednesday (July 31). She brought her girls Sam, 9, and Lola, 7, – along with Charlie Sheen’s sons – 4-year-old twins Max and Bob – to spend time at a Malibu beach.

The doting mom wore a strapless maxi dress and had her hair in braids.

The Twisted actress was awarded temporary custody of Sheen’s sons while their mother Brooke Mueller is in rehab.

The Huffington Post reports in her interview on Oprah: Where Are They Now? – Richards talked about 2-year-old Eloise’s development.

“Eloise has some late development issues,” Richards says. . “She didn’t start crawling until she was 15 months and started walking at 2. We [also] do speech therapy. We’re very excited at how well she’s doing,” Richards says.

She added,  “I love being a mom more than anything. Motherhood — it’s changed my whole outlook on life. It’s so wonderful seeing life through their eyes.”

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  • Missy

    Denise seems to be a really amazing person.
    The boys seems to be really attached to her.

    • anon

      I guess there are a lot of people who don’t like Denise here?

      • anonymous

        No. Denise is admired by just about everyone. She has made a home for those little boys and you can see how happy they are. I hope they never go back to their druggie mother.

  • Tiffany

    Haven’t seen her other daughter in a while.

  • Lady Moss

    I think she has an incredible sense of family. What a gift of stability she’s given those poor boys. The kids always look dressed in fun clothes not stuffy Hollywood matching outfits I applaud her.

  • rachel

    The doting mom wore a strapless maxi dress and had her hair in braids
    What she wore is beside the point, isn’t it? I’m sure people are more interested in hearing about what an awesome person Denise has proven to be. Seems like a true gem and those kids are lucky to have her.

    • Anonymous

      Who care if they wrote about what she wore, people all ready know what she did it dosen’t need to be menchied every time theirs a post about her.

      • trish

        Is that the best you can come up with??!What a lame come back. Try again.

      • anonymous

        You are a true woman of substance!

        • Anonymous

          It has nothing to do with “substance”.

          How do you think it would make those boys feel if people mentioned every day how greafull they should be or how lucky they are. They would feel like a charity case, I’m sure Denise didn’t take the boys in so people can say what an awesome person she is.

          • gloria

            We still don’t need useless details about her clothes and hair, Einstein.

      • rachel

        thick as a plank!!

    • sue

      You are right – who cares about her appearance. Good grief, people give your readers some credit. Like I want to go running out and buying everything the woman is wearing..

  • Lisa

    I actually like Denise. She seems like a very caring mother, period. It takes a lot to raise your own children but to take on the children of your ex. It takes a very strong & giving person to do that.

  • Meliss

    I wish she still did that reality show. I’d love to know how she juggles five kids, pets, and a TV series. I have one kid and one job and I’m pooped.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you want her to exploit those kids on TV? The best thing she did was not do a reality show.

      As for how she dose it she has nannies and other people that helps her out.

      • Meliss

        Uh, it’s called sarcasm. I’m actually remarking on how amazing it is that she does what does. I can’t imagine what that would entail. I don’t seriously think she ought to put the kids on TV again. Geesh! Simmer down folks.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, a Reality Show is just what Sheen’s vulnerable son’s (due to both parents life-altering/death-defying drug addictions, and mental illness tendencies need (sarcasm overload). Yeah, …. right.

      Thank GOD for Ms. Richards. Never thought much of her because she chose to marry and procreate with Charlie, even though he was and still is a hopelessly addicted drug addicted walking talking corpse….. so obviously for his money. And for stabbing good friend Heather Locklear in the back. She has risen above all that (sort of), and has PROVEN herself to be a very loving and doting mother. I know she’s getting paid mega bucks for her efforts with ALL 4 of the kids, but it’s obvious that she loves doing it, and would likely do it for free.

      The cards are definitely stacked against ALL 4 kids, due to genetics, so I truly wish them all happy, healthy, mentally stable, drug free, and show business free lives.

      May GOD bless them all, and maybe especially Ms. Richards.

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