Naomi Watts Wants a Guarantee For Baby No. 3

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Naomi Watts would love to have a third child if she could guarantee it’d be a girl. The actress, who is raising two sons with longtime partner Liev Schreiber, can’t help but imagine what’d be like to have a daughter.

“Two boys can be a lot to handle and sometimes…you think it would be easier with two girls playing with their tea sets and dolls,” Naomi Watts recently told Britain’s OK! magazine. “But Liev loves having two boys and I suppose I might consider having another child if someone could guarantee me it would be a girl.”

Though she hasn’t actually been pregnant since 2008, Naomi has been sporting quite the belly lately. Check out a photo of the 44-year-old star on the set of St. Vincent de Van Nuys from earlier this month:

“The hardest part was getting back in shape after my first boy was born,” Naomi Watts went on to share, recalling her real-life pregnancy and post-baby experiences. “I gained 45lb and it was a struggled to get back to my previous weight and shape. I used to do a lot of Pilates and other kinds of high-tech exercise routines to keep in good form but now I play a lot of tennis.”

“I still feel very ambitious and you always want to find the next great project,” she added of her career. “But it’s a very different feeling now than when I was struggling to get parts. Now I have a wonderful man and children to come home to, and waking up in the morning with my family is one of the greatest joys you can ever have in life.”

As a mom of only boys, just as Naomi Watts is, I feel like I should be able to relate to her hopes for a daughter, but I can’t. My family feels complete with just the four of us, and I have no longing for another child regardless of what sex it would end up being.

I have a friend who has two boys though, and would have a third in a heartbeat if she could be guaranteed a girl, and know another mom who decided to just keep having babies until she got one. Fourth try was the charm!

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  • Mickey

    She said this years ago… To CBS-readers this is old news…

  • hopper

    This is a repeat of an old article . Still I love this woman so why should I complain . Nice family .

    • coco

      Exactly, she said that at least 2-3 years ago!

  • ?

    Really bugs me when people have preconceived idea of having a particular sex will be like. I have 2 girls 3yrs and 17mths and they do not sit around playing with dolls and tea sets. The 3 yr old can be girly with wanting to wear dresses all the time but she’s usually climbing up a tree in them or digging up mud. The one year olds favourite toys to play with, is the garage and cars set. And they both love the train set. All of which is stereotyped as ‘boys toys’.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t sperm spinning pretty much guarantee the sex of your choice?

    • Superwoman

      Yes ! And invitro fertilization with PGD is 99% accurate but I hear it doesn’t have a great success rate of getting pregnant.

  • STLBornNraised


  • AnonYmous

    I think she should say that she would only have a third child if she could guarantee it would be healthy, if she was, indeed, realistic. Gender doesn’t matter that much if you consider how blessed you are to have a healthy child.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up. She’s allowed to prefer the sex she doesn’t have.

    • anonymous

      oh geez…..

    • anonymous

      What she is saying she doesn’t want to just have kids for the heck of it, she wants a girl. A healthy girl, yes, but a girl.

  • Sandra

    If she decided to have another baby and that baby was a girl, I guarantee that baby would be beautiful as her two boys have to be the cutest looking celeb kids I have ever seen. They are so cute and handsome with their blonde hair. Just gorgeous kids!

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