What’s In a Name? Kate & Will Missed Something!

While I’m sending major props to Kate Middleton and Prince William for releasing their newborn son’s name in just two days (in comparison to previous royals and their exhausting wait times), I’m not quite sure his Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is enough.

Eh, it just falls short. Like it needs another one or two names tacked onto the end to rep Diana and Kate’s families.

No one’s denying George isn’t the perfect first name for the little tyke. A name chosen out of respect to Queen Elizabeth and her father, King George VI. Even he’d agree to the strength of that name … since he chose it. (His real name is Albert. Haven’t you seen The King’s Speech?) READ THE ARTICLE: Royal Baby Name Bust! Why Kate & Will Got It Wrong

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  • Poppy

    What a stupid article!
    It’s common for the royal to be crowned under another name.

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