Denise Richards & Girls Get Some Sun

Mom-to-many Denise Richards was seen playing with her 2-year-old daughter Eloise in Malibu, Calif. on Friday (August 2). Joined by her older daughters – Sam, 9, and Lola, 7 – the Twisted actress enjoyed the beach with her girls on the sunny afternoon.

While Eloise nibbled on some pretzels, her older sisters stood in line for an ice cream treat before heading home.

The actress recently opened up about Eloise’s developmental delays.

“Eloise has some late development issues,” Denise said. “She didn’t start crawling until she was 15 months and started walking at 2. We [also] do speech therapy. We’re very excited at how well she’s doing.”

Denise currently has custody of her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen’s, 4-year-old twin sons Bob and Max while their mother, Charlie’s third ex-wife Brooke Mueller, is in rehab for prescription drug abuse.

Brooke has been at the facility — her 19th rehab stint — since May.

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  • SiervaMaria

    Denise has changed my opinion about her so much from 3-4 years ago. She’s awesome. Charlie and Brooke are blessed to have someone there for their boys who loves them like her own. IMO Eloise looks a lot like Selma Hayek’s daughter to the point I thought it was her. Pretty.

    • Anon

      I also thought it was Selma Hayek’s daughter at first glance! (before I noticed Denise). Eloise really grew since last time I saw pics of her, and turning cute.

      Anyway, Denise Richards is amazing. Both adopting and giving her home and care to her ex’s kids, not everyone would do that.

      • SiervaMaria

        “Both adopting and giving her home and care to her ex’s kids, not everyone would do that.” Nope, they wouldn’t. She’s gold.

  • Gemi

    I had thought Eloise had some delays. I assumed she was the victim of FAS, she is such a beautiful child and I’m sure she is blessed to have Denise as a mother.

    • jess

      Without knowing Denise personally, how can you ASSume stuff like that?

      • Madge

        Denise Richards talked about her youngest daughter’s developmental delays in an interview with Oprah. She has not, as far as I know, discussed the cause/reasons.

      • Gemi

        Because I work with children with Special Needs and Eloise has the facial characteristics of FAS.

    • SiervaMaria

      I thought it too. I have a friend right now who has had at two different times little girls with delays due to FAS as well as other substance abuse. One sweetie’s issues were compounded by SBS as well. Just breaks your heart but like Eloise, the girls each are in loving care now.

    • M ost of us do not know Denise. I do not. We see and hear what she puts out pap pictures. Interviews where she appears almost saintly. I remember her a few years back her part in Heather locklears divorce. .A vicious divorce. She is not. a saint. Where are the grandparents who all live in areas of L.A. ? You are right I admire the persons who walk the same walk wit hout the money and the help.Not Denise.

  • Ihope Charlie and Denise are establishing trust funds for all five children. Charlie and Denise seem to both be extreme spenders even for LA.

  • Anonymous

    I see that Denise girls go to the same day camp as the Jolie-Pitt kids

  • Anonymous

    God bless this woman for her incredible selflessness. I’m in awe of how well she is handling three children of her own, one with special needs as she has just revealed, on top of caring for her ex-husband’s two energetic boys who would be in a very different situation if it weren’t for her compassion. Kudos to you, Denise!

  • Ido not know why Denise has become such a saint. she (and nannies) are caring for the boys. It is nice to keep a family together. Where a re the grandparents?
    Denise loves the camera and publicity. Stop calling the paps. Many families are in this situation and work hard to keep kids healthy and happy. They do not have the help and millions of dollars Denise was awarded in her divorce. They are the true heroes.

  • maude

    susan you seem very jealous. How do we know how many nannies Denise may or may not have? I don’t know any other ex wife that would do what she’s doing. Taking care of her ex husband’s children is a lot to take on. No matter what her finances or help situation may be. She is a saint and has a big selfless heart

    • Maude,
      I will be happy to answer your comment .NoI do not believe I am jealous of Denise. It is a fact that Denise, as many wealthy people ,do have nannies to help with their children. I know several women who are doing exactly what Denise is doing keeping a blended family together full time. It is hard, hard
      work, but easier when you do not have to worry about the bills and have help. Do you know Denise? To seriously refer to someone as a “saint” A saint to me is someone such as Mother Theresa . Denise is doing a nice thing keeping brothers and sisters together. Sure, I would enjoy the lifestyle.I think most of us would. I have my view of Denise and you have yours. Peace!


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