Jaime King’s Bikini Bump Photo Reveals Tiny Tattoo

From our friends at BabyCenter.com!

Jaime King’s bikini bump photo is a black and white shot of beauty.

Notice anything about Jaime King’s pregnant belly other than its round and glorious shape? That tiny bit of ink caught my eye.

While the model and actress, who is currently expecting her first child with husband Kyle Newman, is known for having a number of tattoos, it isn’t quite clear what that tiny design on her lower abdomen is. A flower? A symbol? After going through pregnancy, I’m afraid it may not be any easier to figure out.

You see, I too have a tiny bit of lower abdomen bit of ink, though mine is closer to my right hip than centered like Jaime King’s. I got it (what feels like) a lifetime ago, at 18, when thoughts of pregnancy and stretch marks were the last thing on my mind. Sadly, my tattoo didn’t survive the size changes endured during the creation of two human lives very well. Along with being a tad stretched out, there are now a handful of light, white stretch mark lines running through it.

I’d be upset about it, I suppose, if I ever wore a bikini. Fat chance that’ll ever happen!

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