Danielle Jonas Shares First Sonogram Pic


cts-logoCheck out this lil’ Jonas! Danielle Jonas posted a sonogram photo via Instagram on Tuesday (August 6).

She wrote: “I can’t believe this is ours @kevinjonas and I are so blessed. Look at that cute nose !!!”

Kevin isn’t home with her in New Jersey, because he’s currently on tour with Nick and Joe. The dad-to-be recently told E! News that Danielle’s family were the first to find out their pregnancy news.

He said they were “there when we were ready to tell them and then we actually waited a week to tell them [Joe and Nick] because we wanted to tell them in person. Yeah, so I had to wait a week to tell them. I was dying inside.”

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  • Heather

    So Cute!

  • Anonymous

    And WHY is she sharing her family’s personal business? Do these people need attention to continue breathing?! Especially since she’s a nobody.

    • anon

      Don’t see why posting a picture of a sonogram on instagram is that big of deal. People do it all the time.

    • Anonymous

      This baby is the child of one of the most popular pop stars today. Sorry you’d like to think that’s a “nobody”, but some people care.

      Secondly, just about everyone I know overshares and posts sonogram pictures on social media sites. Why should this woman be any different?

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    I think it looks like Kevin LOL.

  • Denise

    Best wishes on happy and healthy pregnancy.

  • Lily

    Hope the baby has his nose! 🙂

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