Tracy Morgan Introduces Newborn Daughter


30 Rock star Tracy Morgan introduced his newborn daughter via  WhoSay Wednesday. “Here is Maven Sonae Morgan at 2 weeks y’all!” the proud papa, 44, captioned the sweet snapshot.

Snuggled tightly in a stretchy cheese cloth, the gorgeous baby girl is sporting a floral headband as she looks into the camera.

Baby Maven was born on July 2 to Tracy and his fiancée Megan Wollover.

Tracy is also dad to three grown sons from his previous marriage.

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Photo credit: WhoSay

  • Marie

    This picture made me smile and laugh. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Tracy Morgan, she is a beautiful little girl!

  • A

    She looks like a peanut.

    • Anonymous

      Thats exactly what I thought 🙂 She’s very cute.

  • Jessica

    What a little beauty!

  • Anabelle

    lol. Strange looking child. That’s not an insult, I’m just saying she doesn’t have the face of a baby! x

  • Anabelle

    I’ll have to Google Tracy Morgan. I assumed it was a woman, but then saw “his.” x

  • arabella

    Maven looks like Tracy with Megan coloring.

  • Jenny

    Poor kid.

  • SMH

    So cute but she doesnt have a baby face of a newborn!!!

  • Robin

    Aw what a lil cutie

  • Gemi

    No one can deny that’s his kid. Looks JUSt like him.

  • Rosy

    She looks a lot like Blue Carter did as a baby.

  • coco


  • Jj

    Cute!! She’s like her Dad!

  • scarlett

    She’s adorable!! Looks just like her daddy!

  • scarlett

    She’s adorable!! Looks just like her daddy!

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    I don’t think Tracy Morgan is good looking. The baby is cute but I agree with other posters that the baby doesn’t have a baby face, rather old lookking.

  • musiclover

    Haha….adorable! And as most of the other posters have commented, no question she isTracy’s daughter! 🙂

  • Jen

    This is so much cuteness here I can hardly stand it! One of the most adorable pics I’ve ever seen in my life. 🙂

  • sheida

    strange looking baby just like her dad and strange name too. her head is way toi big snd her face looks like an old person. I thought it’s Tracy s face at first!!

  • Doreen

    I think she will get cuter…

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