Usher’s Ex-Wife Files For Custody Of Sons

The custody war continues for Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster.

Following the terrifying pool accident involving their 5-year-old son, Tameka filed legal documents in Fulton County, Ga., asking for an emergency custody hearing.

According to TMZ, Tameka wants custody of their sons, Usher Raymond V, 5, and Naviyd Ely, 4.

The celebrity stylist, 42, claims that the popstar, 34 – who currently has primary custody – is allowing unfit people to care for their children.

Usher filed for divorce from Tameka in June 2009 after nearly two years of marriage. Since then, it’s been an ongoing custody battle over their two sons.

The emergency filing comes one day after their elder son was hospitalized for nearly drowning in the singer’s pool. Reportedly, the 5-year-old got his arm stuck in the drain while being watched by his aunt. After struggling to free his arm, the boy was given CPR and admitted to the intensive care unit.

Tragically, in July 2012, Tameka’s 11-year-old son Kile died after a jet ski accident.

“I’m still in shock,” the grieving mother told Entertainment Tonight in September 2012. “I think this will probably be the greatest pain I will ever experience, losing him. But, it gave me strength beyond measure and it made me determined to fight for my other [children].”

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  • Iris

    I was waiting for this to happen actually. I hope that mum and dad can resolve their custody issues. It must be terrible to experience losing a child and a year on the other is seriously ill. Hope the little lad will be fine!

  • Jessica

    Wow.. Some mother she is… Instead of actually taking this precious time to be there for her baby boy who is in the hospital she goes to court to file more papers. Those papers can wait. She is a very selfish person. I hope these parents put away their differences and focus on the kids! It’s the kids who are important and deserve both parents if they are capable. I highly doubt it was ushers fault their little one almost drowned in a pool. This lady is awful.

    • Rose

      I doubt she actually went to court to file the papers. That’s what lawyers are for. And just because you “highly doubt” that Usher was at fault doesn’t mean he actually wasn’t. But hey, let’s not leave this decision up to the courts, clearly we should just go on what random posters on celebrity sites “highly doubt” happened.

    • coco

      I don’t think she’s selfish, she’s probably just scared to death for what could happen. You’re the awful person here if you say that a mother who already lost a child and has another one at the hospital and simply wants to have a closer control of her kids is awful.
      I don’t think that Usher is unfit, it was probably just an accident and with kids accidents do happen, but I can totally understand her!

  • anonymous

    It was an accident. The boys were supervised properly. This woman just wants more money which she will get if she has the boys in her custody more often. She sure didn’t waste any time to try and get back on the gravy train.

  • Marilyn

    It was really just an accident. They boy’s arm got stuck retrieving a toy. That could have happened no matter who was there but I can see her being upset, especially since her other son died in a water accident last year.

  • Heather

    I undertand her grief..Usher was busy taking the kids away from her when she lost her son that she’s never really been able to heal …She in a sense lost three sons at that time..For her to be called unfit and lose them it is ironic tho, that both instances happened while they were with their Fathers…#things that make you go hmmm

    • NYCMommy

      Heather- it is my understanding that custody case was ongoing when child died. Usher did not run to courts during emergency and ask for primary custody of his children that is difference between her behavior and his behavior.

      • Anonymous

        Usher could have, and should have postponed the determinations until a few months after her son Kile’s burial.

        But he didn’t. I’m sure that if you delve into both of their lives, you’ll find dirt (likely no more or less than everyone else), but if Tameka was such an awful/unfit mother, Usher would’ve been able to prove it (he has mega $$$) and get 100% custody. And if she’s so horrible, why isn’t he demanding that her visits be supervised by a court appointed guardian?! And why hasn’t a judge suggested as much?

        I also believe that this was simply a shocking unforeseen accident that could’ve happened with either parent present, I do think that Usher SHOULD consider allowing her (even if she’s ordered to attend parenting classes) more custody rights. SHE gave birth to them after all. He could afford a surrogate if he had to become a parent.

        I’m sure she has her ways, but come on……………….

        P.s. From what I’ve seen and heard, Usher seems to be a WONDERFUL father, with the exception of not allowing them to have a properly bonded loving relationship with their mother and half brothers.

        • meghan

          Usher asked for a postponement. Tameka did not want one. She wanted to proceed.

    • Anonymous

      Tameka has 5 kids and has custody of non of them which says a lot that each time she splits from the father’s a judge give the father custody.

      • Anonymous

        Or maybe it’s just that they’ve got the money, and she got the shaft.

        If she’s so horrible, why would Usher even look her way, let alone father children with her?

        • meghan

          A lot of horrible people have multiple spouses. People in love don’t want to see the flaws in the person they are falling love with.

        • NYCMommy

          Her first son was from a high school relationship, not sure how money would play into that… and when she was still married to baby daddy number two she started her relationship/affair with Usher so I am sure he would have helped her with $$$ for custody battle..She was also a successful stylist so she has her own money as well. I am not buying her being the victim of men with money taking her kids…

    • Atl mom

      heather. She’s the one that filed for custody beck then too. Not usher. She didn’t want him to have joint custody. She acted in trial (which was televised) that she didn’t want him in their lives hardly at all. she wants his money though. It was an accident.

  • Robin

    Actually it sounds like the people watching him saved his life. One of the men released his arm and then administered CPR. Without that he might have died. Thank god someone at the house was trained in CPR!

  • Anonymous

    Their kids should stay away from the water! This would freak me out to two water incidents in one year. (I know neither had anything to do with the other just saying.)

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Super creepy coincidence.

  • Laura

    She wants child support and didn’t pay tax…

  • Baby

    You guys act as if you know these people personally. I doubt that any of you do; what you know is what the media has told you. So please, stop conjecturing. If she files for custody that is her right. But it is not your right to talk as if you know these folks. Get a life, and stop allowing your opinions to be swayed by the news.

    • Anonymous

      It has nothing to do with the media and no one talking like they know them but

      Fact is she has 5 kids didn’t have custody of any of them.

      Fact is she lied during the trial and made stuff up about Usher, she even admitted to lying.

      Fact is Usher asked for a postponement and Tameka did not want one.

      All of these fact have be documented and all people are doing is giving their opinion and stating facts. No know is acting like they know why they broke up or why she dosen’t/ didn’t have custody of any her kids.

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