Tom Cruise Is Reunited With Suri

Tom Cruise has been reunited with his daughter Suri.

The 7-year-old, who lives in New York City with her mom Katie Holmes, is in the U.K. spending some quality time with her dad while he’s in England re-shooting scenes for his upcoming film Edge of Tomorrow.

According to Daily Express, the Top Gun papa has rented out the entire floor of a five-star hotel and even installed his own private gym.

The 51-year-old father-of-three is spending three weeks in the U.K., while his ex-wife – who has primary custody of their daughter last August – is heading to her native Ohio to shoot a new movie. Reportedly, Katie will be there for a month, filming the comedy Miss Meadows.

Tom has made periodic visits to see his daughter, and she has traveled to see him.

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  • winterwilde

    Suri’s trust fund prob. gets an extra $100,000 every time Katie ALLOWS Tom’s “people” to LIE to the public about these “NON EXISTENT FATHER DAD REUNIONS”. TOM has disconnected from his daughter because he LOVES HIS cult more!!! but his money comes from his PUBLIC IMAGE thus the very expensive LIES, Katie allows him to tell…..smh

  • Amy

    Since Tom isn’t photographed with Suri anymore each time she visits him he has his PR team let the world know.

    • Albus

      If there are absolutely no pics of him with Suri, then people start whining that he never sees his daughter. There´s no win.

      • Cecilia

        Gotta agree with Albus, when there are no pictures of Tom with Suri the “Deadbeat Dad” train unfairly starts up again.

  • Stella

    It’s easy to know when he sees her because he makes sure theres photos. There are rarely any photos so that’s the proof that he doesn’t see her much.

  • Lisa

    There may not be many pictures of Mr. Cruise and his daughter but then again he may actually be taking his daughter’s feelings into consideration here and doing things with his daughter that do not put them into the public eye so much.
    Plus can you really see Tom being so laid back about those people with cameras calling his daughter names; Katie may wish to “just ignore them” although as a mother myself I can tell you I would not….so I have my doubts that Tom would either.

    As long as Suri is enjoying her time with her father that’s all that should matter. The press doesn’t need to hound them 24/7….for pete’s sake this is a child….she should be allowed to live life….not fear it.

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