Perez Hilton Runs Errands With His Son

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and his son Mario Lavandeira III (a.k.a. Perez Jr.) were seen running errands in Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday (August 4). Perez wore a Madonna shirt and carried the 6-month-old in a blue sling.

Recently he posted a video with Mamá showing himself, his mom and his son sitting on the couch. He says, “I’m working and thankfully my mom is a very hands on grandmother and helps me with my son Perez Jr., she lives just a block away so she’s over all the time. So when I’m really busy with working she helps keep him entertained.”

According to The Huffington Post – his mom says in Spanish, “The best part about being a grandma is that you don’t have any responsibility for the babies, just to take all the time in the world to love them.”

Perez Jr. was born on February 16 through an egg donor and a surrogate. A month after the birth – Perez told the Los Angeles Times, “I knew it was going to happen this way because boyfriends and husbands may come and go, but kids are forever. I didn’t want to keep waiting.”

In April – Perez told Celebrity Baby Scoop, “Being a father is awesome and everything I could have hoped for and more.”

He also said his plans for the summer is “just being here with my baby and not traveling much. I really have nothing planned, which is exciting.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • A

    That looks dangerous.

  • Sue

    Ummmm, that baby looks like he’s going to fall out…

  • Jessica

    Omg! My heart dropped seeing these pictures!! Mr Perez learn to use your wrap correctly before your child gets seriously injured!

  • nona

    that looks wrong.

  • Tiffany

    Horrifying. He’s wearing that kid like a fanny pack.

  • Anabelle

    Very unsettling pictures =S He needs to learn how to use that sling properly! x

  • hopper

    i hate those baby slings

  • Someone

    I really hope that is just a weird angle that the pic is taken from. Poor kid looks like he’s uncomfortable and going to fall out. I can’t stand those type of slings either…baby carriers are much more comfortable for parent and child. If you are going to use one, at least use it the correct way.

  • Ld

    By the time you’re wearing baby off to the side, slings are only meant to help hold your baby by dispersing their weight, they’re not just wearable hammocks. They are a secure, comfortable way to carry infants and toddlers without the risks to the pelvis and hips that many front/back groin carriers pose. This is NOT how a baby is supposed to look in a sling. Baby should be higher and upright, flush to daddy’s body. Dad should not have the shoulder portion of the sling against his neck, and he really should have an arm helping to support his son. In this position, the child COULD fall out with one sudden push. Irresponsible and horrifying!

  • Jj

    Poor baby! Looks like he’s about to fall out.

  • v-girl

    This guy gives me the creeps big time!! I agree with all of the above, someone call CPS!!

  • Rosy

    This picture (and just some of Perez’s posts about his son in general) makes it look almost as if his son is just an accessory to him..

    • Tiffany

      True that. I honestly believe that he reports so much on celebs and there is such a baby boom in Hollywood, that he just HAD to have one too. ‘Oh em gee, I totally made this one with my own sperm! Isn’t he delish?!’

  • Laura

    I’m not a child expert, but it looks like the baby is going to fall off. Poor thing.

  • anonymous

    He’s a new dad. He’ll learn. We all made mistakes. From what I’ve read on his site, he does not view the baby as an accessory. So he likes to dress him up in cute outfits…big deal….I’ve done that myself. I’m sure he’ll soon learn the mistakes he’s making with the sling.

    • Someone

      After the baby falls on his head?

  • Jen

    I know baby slings are supposed to be safe but oh my gosh I would be so afraid it would come undone and the baby would fall out. I would be so paranoid about that.

  • Babywearing Mama

    First off, congrats to Mr. Hilton for being a Babywearing daddy. It takes a real man & loving daddy to do this. Let’s give him credit for learning the many benefits of babywearing. As far as the safety concerns, i hope someone compassionate will offer him assistance (not just criticism) about how to wear baby in a way that is both safe and comfy. As a babywearing parent, I had a learning curve with carriers. Luckily i found supportive ppl to teach me. Lets all try to encourage safe babywearing with harshness that may discourage someone from it altogether.

  • Dana

    These are the most disturbing photos I’ve seen in a while. What human being handed their child over to this disgusting creep to raise???

    • Anonymous

      You do know that’s his biological son right?

      • Dana

        So, where’s the mother? Like I said, baby passed off for him to raise a creep who is famous for drawing drips off celebs’ mouths on blog posts. Disgusting

        • Anonymous

          He used a surrogate. There is no mother just an egg donor so no one passed a baby to him to raise.

  • Doreen

    Relax Dana, relax…

  • Lea

    1. Doesn’t he notice that the baby is in a weird position? His head isn’t supported, it must be really uncomfortable and it’s downright dangerous. 2. Perez should do something with his hair, it looks really gross.

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