Jimmy Fallon: “We Had A Surrogate”

After surprising fans with the announcement that he welcomed his first child, daughter Winnie, with wife Nancy Juvonen, 46, last month, Jimmy Fallon is opening up about his daughter’s birth.

“My wife and I had been trying a while to have a baby,” the new dad, 38, told TODAY, in a pre-taped interview airing next week. “We tried a bunch of things — so we had a surrogate.”

He added: “We said, ‘We’re not going to tell anybody.’ It’d be just more fun if it’s just private between me and my wife. And then we get to introduce her to everybody.”

The first-time parents welcomed Winnie Rose on July 23. “When it happened we were in shock. We were like, ‘Alright, who do we tell? Who’s going to be mad at us if this gets out,'” he shared. “We had to call everybody and it’s so emotional!”

One day after his daughter’s birth, the proud papa shared the happy news during his opening monologue on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “It’s been a crazy couple days, well actually, just one day . . . It’s very taxing on the fathers. I don’t know how it is for the mothers, but very taxing,” he joked. “I’m emotionally drained. I’m a father of a beautiful baby girl. She’s so cute.”

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  1. Emma

    It is irresponsible to have a kid at 46, just as if not more irresponsible than a 16 year old. You are too old. If you wanted kids you should at least have started the process 10 years ago. Poor kid. She can’t run around with her and be fun when she’ll already be 50 by the time Winnie is 4. Jimmy is an okay age though.

    • Anonymous

      I’m 54 and ran a full marathon last month. Stop presuming that life ends at 50.

    • Gemi

      Oh, get over yourself. The kid will be fine.

    • kao

      as a child to a older mother(she had me at 40) i know how hard it is to have a older parent..yeah there are things she couldnt do that younger moms could…but guess what?! shes still alive and healthy! shes gonna be 68 this year and still runs around,shops till she drops and does all the crazy crap i wanna do when shes visiting!
      jimmys wife looks to be in good health and shape,im sure she will no problem keeping up with her daughter!!

      also who are you to say they should of had kids earlier?! did you not read the post that they tried for a long time?! maybe she couldnt bare children?!(my brothers wife tried for 8 years,went to doctors and still couldnt bare kids!) you have no idea what they had to go through,neither do i.but they made the choice which was right for their family!

    • edeilo

      My father was 52 when I was born. He is in his mid-70s now and healthy and more active than many 45-50 year olds I know. He rides 60+ miles per week through steep terrain with my nephew, as well as sea kayaks every week. My siblings in their mid-late 40s run around just fine with their kids.

      I don’t know what kind of 50 year olds you know, Emma, but maybe you should tell them to get their act together and start being more active. Because obviously they are pretty unhealthy if they can’t run around with a toddler at 50. 50 is not the end of the world.

    • Jen

      Yeah really- judgmental much? I’m 36 and haven’t had kids yet. Some people don’t have the finances, the luck of finding the right guy, the maturity, etc., to have kids at 20-something. I’d rather be a ready, prepared parent at 40 than I would have been at 20. “Too old” is a matter of opinion- some people are ready at 20, some at 40- and a really judgmental one at that. Kids don’t know age, they know love and the kind of home they are brought into. Hope your kids you had “so young” don’t pick up on your attitude!

    • Marianne

      How is the same as having a kid at 16? For starters they are in a better place financially to have a child. Thirdly, there are lots of people who are quite active well into their 60s and would have no trouble taking care of kids. And if you worried that she might die before she ever sees any grandchildren, well let me tell you that you could have a kid at 25 and then die the next day by getting hit by a bus. Having a kid young doesn’t automatically mean you will be in their lives for a long time. She is 46, not 60. Take a chill pill. The kid will be well loved and well looked after.

    • amanda

      that is THE dumbest thing I have ever heard. Did you read the article?? They had been trying to conceive for “a while”… and if you know anything about fertility, which I’m just going to assume you don’t…. usually by the time couples have resorted to using a surrogate or gestational carrier, they have been trying for YEARS. Having said all of that… who are YOU to judge?

    • Marie

      My dad was 44 when I was born and while he’s still alive and healthy now that I’m 28 and he’s in his 70’s now, when I was younger he coached my soccer and basketball teams and was very active. I will admit that he always felt more like a grandfather than a dad. Personally, I wouldn’t wait that long to have kids but it’s not my place to tell other people what’s right for them. Honestly, 46 is young compared to when Elton John had his kids. He was well into his 60’s having kids. 46 sounds like a spring chicken compared to Elton. I think Jimmy’s kid will be just fine!

  2. elizabeth

    a hearty DUH to this news… no biggie either way- I love him and wish them the best! 🙂

  3. Missy

    The “too old” to be a parent is ridiculous.
    I am a child of teen parents and I had an amazing childhood and my parents are together till this day and really couldn’t be more incredible. I love having young parents, but that doesn’t mean having older parents are bad.
    Just because she’s 46 doesn’t mean she’ll die soon, for heaven’s sake! And who knows what happens tomorrow? My grandpa died in a car accident when he was 33. His children were all under the age of 6. My great grandma died at age 96, and she lived alone and was very active.
    You can’t judge people by their age without knowing them.
    I know 20 year olds that are “older” than a lot of 50-year-olds.

    • edeilo

      Seriously. Life is unpredictable.

      My mom is almost 20 years younger than my dad (she had be in her early 30s), and because of unpredictable health issues (cancer), she could likely die a lot sooner than my father. My mother’s father died when she was 13 (he was in his mid 30s). My father’s father died six months before he was born (mom lived until her mid 90s). My brother’s mother died when he was only 3 (she was in her late 20s).

      They made a decision that probably took a lot of time and thoughts to make. It is not like they one day said, “Hey, let’s get a surrogate knocked up! It will be fun!” A decision that is right for their family.

      Just because she is 46 doesn’t mean she isn’t going to be like any other mother. It doesn’t mean that she is going to be hobbling and using a walker to take her daughter to preschool.

      And seriously, LOL at 46 being old. Ha!

  4. Melonie

    She doesn’t look anywhere near 46. She looks fantastic. Jimmy looks a very young 38 himself. They are emotionally mature, financially stable and longing for a family. Any child would be lucky to have them as parents.

  5. amanda 2

    People are complaining. too old to be active, but there are plenty of young parents out there who sit in front of the tv with their children and do nothing. By the way, there are millions of grandparents raising grandchildren throughout America.

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